California here I come

I'm super excited and getting nervous as my trip to California nears. I'm excited to meet the all of the Whores and to get some great scrappin done. On the other hand I'm nervous about flying for the first time, and alone. I'm sure all will be fine. I just got done packing up all my scrap stuff. I'm sure I'll be throwing clothes and stuff in the bag as I walk out the door, but that's how it always is.

A side note to those keepin up with my pregnancy. I went to the doctor yesterday. It was the first time I meet him. I like him and think he's gonna be a great doctor. He has delivered over 7000 babies. He is very concerned with preventing a re-occurrence of what happen with Madyson. He said to let him worry, even though he knows I will still do some worrying. He is going to have any test he can done to ensure everything is going as it should. Right now he is concerned that I am measuring about 2 weeks later than I should be. I'm going back in two weeks (10/9) for him to listen to the heartbeat. He will more than likely order another ultrasound then to have the baby re-measured. He said there was several reason that the baby could be measuring small, an he plans to monitor it closely.

Sorry there are no pictures this blog, but I will definitely post some from California when I get stay tuned.

Dog gone Fun

I was feeling a bit nauseous... thanks to the joys of pregnancy! So I made myself some popcorn to try to settle me some. It helped. Thank goodness. I did not eat the entire bag, and had it sittin on the counter when Wesley got home. We normally don't feed our dogs any table food. They think ice is a treat. Wesley threw a piece of popcorn at Lucy and she gobbled it up. Well he kept throwing it to both dogs. Lucy got to where she actually caught most of them in the air. The onces Dixie caught, she swallowed whole. I had just uploaded a picture of my grab bag for a swap I'm in (see bottom of this post for pictures of the grab bag) and had the camera with me. I started snapping pictures.

This one is of Dixie (on the left) and Lucy (on the right) trying to decide who was going to get this particular piece of popcorn.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in a grab bag swap in one of my myspace groups. We won't know what the scrap supplies we get, just what the outside of the "bag" is. Some people have done boxes, others have done buckets. I (with the assistance of my wonderful Mom) made a bag/purse.

Yea for me getting not one but two pictures on a blog!

Suprise call

I've been driving back and forth to Montgomery (about 160 miles round trip for you non Alabamians) for training for work. Tomorrow will be the last day, thankfully. While driving I am listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It makes the drive seem shorter.

When I got home today, I checked my email and myspace as always. Then I decided to lay around til Wesley got home from Troy with pizza for dinner. While half listening to the news, my cell phone rang. I figured it was Wesley letting me know he was on his way home. I get up to find it and the caller ID says MJ . I didn't really think about it and answered it. MJ told me who she was, she of course said Michelle...lucky for her caller ID already identified her as MJ. She had just seen two famous (famous as scrappers can be) scrappers while shopping at an LSS (local scrapbook store...for you non-scrappers). She was really excited. I had no idea who she was talking about but was excited for her. As the whore she is, she of course took pictures. Check out her blog (linked above or to the side) for the pictures.

One day I'll be as cool as MJ and post pictures with all my blogs...until then just read it.


I've been tagged. I guess I'll play along.

6 things about me:
1. My Brother and I graduated high school together, we aren't twins and neither of us failed.
2. I've had the same best friend for 27.5 years.
3. I live in a cornfield.
4. I've never been on a plane. (I can only say that for a few more weeks!)
5. I shop for scrap stuff more than I scrap.
6. I like boiled peanuts and grits, but don't like peanut butter or chocolate.


what a weekend

The weekend started with the Hightower's rehearsal and dinner. We were a few minutes late, but didn't miss anything. We then went to It Don't Matter for some great food and socialization. We did not get enough socialization at dinner, so we all headed to the infamous
Double Branch. The bride and groom appeared to enjoy their last night in singleton...even though they were completely into each other most of the night. Here is a picture of a completely random guy that was passing out in listening to the band.

Saturday morning started early with Ashely's baby shower. There was a great turn out and she got a lot of great gifts.

I then headed to Troy to pick up Kristy, William and Nickie for the wedding. We were early because we had to take the guys food. This gave us time to get pictures with the wedding party ahead of time. This is a picture of the groom (middle) and some of the groomsmen.

and her is the bride pre-wedding

and the happy couple after it was all over

The weekend ended with Chandler's birthday party today. He racked up with the sports equipment. He got soccer, baseball, and football stuff. He had a blast. The kids, big and small, played with water balloons. I think it was a fun time. This is a picture of Chandler opening the gift from Wesley and I.

Baby shower

I think I said in my last post how busy I'm going to be this weekend. Well the week has been the same way. Last night Beth, Michele and I went to Dothan (the biggest city around here for you whores!) to get the last stuff for Ashley's shower. We got several amazing deals during the trip. Beth got a $40 or so Derick Jeter tee and bases for Chandler's birthday for $4. We got Ashley an Eddie Bauer Pack-n-play for half price. Besides not getting home until 1130 or so, it was a good trip. I am the crafty one of the three of us, so I got nominated to make the Diaper Cake.

I'm not going to have the book I'm making done in time for the shower, but I'll shower her what I have done and hope to finish it before the baby gets here.

blah blah

So not much to blog about. It's been a quite a crazy weekend. Friday I forgot I was invited to go eat with Nikki and some of her friends from work and stayed at home and had some quiet time...which was great. Saturday started early with a Purse Party in Opp. I got a great new purse that should be here Wednesday. I then left Opp and headed to Troy to pick Kristy up. We then went to Montgomery and did some shopping. We both got stuff to wear to the Hightower's wedding next weekend. We also went to Sam's to get Kristy's bookshelf. We ate at the new Hooter's. It wasn't that great, but what should we have expected with two girls in Hooter's. We then met up with Jess and Nikki and headed over to Nikki's cousin's house for her "suprise" bachelorette party. She knew about it and wasn't happy about going, but we went and had fun. We played Pin the Penis on Hightower (aka the groom). It was funny. Nikki purposely put her penis in his mouth. We of course took a picture and sent it via text message to the guys at the bachelor party to give them a laugh. Today was a slower day. I didn't do much of anything. I made potato salad to take to Wesley's parents. We headed up to Troy about 330. We hung out and ate, then headed home. Tomorrow we'll get up and go to Opp to Grandma's to grill out. We'll also draw names for Christmas. We have so many people that we draw names instead of buying for everyone. We actually have three different drawings to help keep the ages least to a degree. We are also going to Troy to hang out at the Bateman's tomorrow night. It should be lots of fun.

until next time.....