Bad Blogger

I know I am a horrible blogger. I'm surprised if I have any readers at all! I've been busy making Christmas present and such. Here is a stocking I made for MJ for Secret Santa...

It's not perfect, but I think she liked it. It is definetly one of a kind.

I also made my mom and mother-in-law a desk calendar. Here is my MIL showing it off.

It's not the best picture of the calendar, but I can't find the one I took of it before I wrapped them.

I am also working on a regular calendar for my Grandma, I didn't get it finished by Christmas, but showed her what I have. i hope to have it done so she can begin using it in Jan. I know this only leaves a few days to get it done. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but maybe I will before I give it to her.

Here is a picture of the craziness of Christmas Morning at Grandma's.

There were probably close to 50 people there. Just a small crowd!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's and make resolutions they can keep. On the subject of resolutions....I think I'll say I'm going to be a better little blogger. We'll see how well that works out!!!

Dog, cell phone and craftiness

I know my title sounds crazy...but that's what the last few days have been. As usual we've been crazy busy. I have gotten most of my Christmas stuff out and up. I still have to decorate the tree, but I'm waiting to make sure the lights all still work. I have to get an extension cord tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow night I'll get the tree done. I've looked for several years for new Christmas stockings for Wesley and I that I liked and have not been able to find any. I decided I was going to make them this year. I'm not quite done with them but...

I think I want to add ribbon or something to the top where it is turned down, so look back for new and improved Christmas stockings!

Wesley and I went to a friend's house for a hog cooking. Yep you read that right a hog cooking. I didn't think to take pictures of the hog cooking but I'm sure you can imagine. The took the hog, sliced him down the middle and put him over fire. You could still see the legs and head. It was a little weird, but quite yummy.

I normally don't go anywhere without my cell, but it was dying and Wesley had his, so I left mine at home charging while we went to the hog cooking. When I walk in the door, I see what I think is a remote control in the floor. The dog has used one of the remotes as a chew toy in the past. At closer is, you guess it, my cell. The phone is unplugged, the battery is off and the phone in general is in about 5 pieces...

I put the battery back where it went, hoping to at least be able to get my numbers out of it. No luck! Of course I have no insurance...but will be getting it for mine, Lauren and Wesley's phone. Lauren's phone went flying out the window and broke. She got a new one, well it was refurbished. It worked about 2 days and the microphone went out. You could call her all day but you wouldn't be able to hear her. A cousin gave her another hopefully we can talk to her again on Monday. I spent way more than I should have on a blackberry on ebay. Hopefully it'll be here by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

so all you whores whose number I'll have to give it to me again but wait til I get the new phone!