Free Stuff

Over at Girly Do's blog there is some free stuffy stuff. This is a great blog for unique hairstyles for little girls. I can't wait for MK to get enough hair that I can try out some of these 'dos. Go leave her a comment and you might win a prize. Be sure to let her know I sent you cause then I might get another prize!!

Carrots, Pears and Cereal

Madelyn went to the pediatrician last Friday for her 4 month check up. She did really well considering she got 4 shots and had to drink a 5th vaccine. Dr. Z said to start introducing her to stage 1 baby foods. We had already started cereal. Friday night we started food. I'm not sure why, but I gave her carrots.

She wore it, but loved it! I also give her cereal too. Right now she is just eating at super time. I don't think it will be too long before we add breakfast.

Monday night I introduced pears. She was not crazy about them at all. She would turn her head and poke her lips out when I tried to give her a bite. She did eat the cereal. Tuesday night I tried pears again (Dr. Z said only introduce a new food every 3 days). It went much better Tuesday night. She ate them like she did the carrots. I'm not sure what we'll try next, but I'm sure it will be messy!!

Madelyn's Uncle Johnathan is playing high school football. I made her a "jersey" out of one of her onesies. I haven't' taken a picture yet, but will Friday while she is wearing it.

Here's a cute picture to leave you with:

hope those pictures aren't too big! I normally use imageshack to host pictures but it was being dumb so I used photobucket and am not sure it worked!!

pretty stuff`

Thanks to Deah (visit her on the side link cause I'm too lazy to make her name a link!) I got an awesome new header to make my blog more me! I love the site and think I might start MK a digital scrap book using the site I made the header with. Deah pointed me in the right direction and now I'll point you.. visit scrapblog to see what you can make! look back for more creations.
I've come to the realization that I suck at blogging. I have also made it my goal to blog once a week, which will never happen, but it's a goal.

Our external hard drive crashed over the weekend. All of Wesley's school stuff from the last year was on it, including all the stuff for his portfolio that he needs to have ready to show to people in just over a month. All our pictures were also on it. The most important ones are of Madyson. The rest can be replaced if need be. A little less important but all my embroidery files were also on there. Luckily most of them were free designs I had downloaded and can get again. Frankie and I had just recently shared designs, so she has most of them.

Wesley's Dad thinks the drive can be saved. He has ordered a piece to see. It should be here by the end of the week, so we'll know something this weekend, we hope!

I have entered Madelyn in a photo contest. Go here to vote for her. Voting is through Thursday. Vote daily, the baby with the most votes wins! If she wins this round there will be a final round the last week of the month. I'll post another link to it when voting starts.