So my blog surfing has paid off. I won a give-a-way at Blush and Bashful Baby. You should go check them out. They have tons of cute bibs and burp cloths.

Look at this adorable face

Madelyn has started making this ducky looking face. It is so cute. I was able to get her picture while her Daddy was feeding her.

Isn't she the cutest baby you've ever seen?!?!

Here are some more layouts I've done

I've done a little creating! yay for that.

Madelyn is growing so fast. Can you believe she is already 5 months old? She finds something new every day to amuse her. Some days it's her toes, other her fingers. She is so much fun to watch and play with.

She is a Daddy's girl. Wesley was gone to Austin last week for school and was missed by his little girl. She woke up about 11 on Thursday night when he got home. As soon as she saw him her face lit up. I handed her over to him and went back to bed. He said she stayed up talking to him for a while.

What are you reading?

I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in preparation for the new movie. Unfortunately the movie release has been pushed back, but hey, that just gives me more time to get the book read! I'll probably have a Harry movie party prior to the release.

Some exciting fun to keep you busy while you wait for the new movie, have a 10 year anniversary party for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Can you believe it's been 10 years since the 1st book was released? In honor of the the anniversary, Scholastic has some great prizes they are offering through Here's what you could win if you go check them out....
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Harry Potter rocks!!

blog surfing and babies

I've been doing a lot of blog surfing lately. Did you realize how many blogs have give-aways? I sure didn't. I'll add some links tomorrow (they are book marked on my work computer so I can read them at lunch...don't tell!). I have added some of them to the places I go links on the right side.....toward the bottom, go see.

I don't think I blogged about it, but we went to Denim (maybe that is spelt right) Springs, LA the weekend the Hurricane Gustav hit Baton Rouge. We drove down with Wesley's parents on Saturday, went to his aunt's wedding and drove back Sunday. We got in the evacuation traffic on the way home. What was about a 5.5 hour drive on the way down was a 10ish hour drive on the way home. Luckily MK doesn't mind riding in the car. She was great the entire trip!

That's her on the way to he wedding. I was trying to get a good picture of her bracelet. She likes to wear it and doesn't mess with it when I put it on her.

Me and Madelyn waiting for the wedding to get started.

We went to Opp to Grandma's on Labor day to eat some yummy ribs and stuff. We finally were able to get Madelyn and Kylee together for pictures. Kylee is about a month older than MK.

Wesley always tells MK before we go to Opp ,"Don't let Kylee eat you".

She really tried to eat her arm! I'm sure it's because she like MK puts EVERY thing in her mouth, but it was really funny.

It looks like Madelyn is trying to get away from Kylee. Really when she rolled over she was just that far away from her. It was great fun and we still laugh when we see it.

Here is a better picture of Kylee in all her chubbiness! Just a side note, both girls went to the doctor yesterday for separate reasons. MK weighs 15.7 and Kylee weighs 21.3

busy busy busy

It seems like forever since I've blogged. I was trying to do it so I could add some new pics of MK, but they are on the other computer. Maybe I'll add some soon.

I've been blog surfing a lot lately and found an awesome site that tells you all about give aways, discounts etc. You should check them out too. You can find them here.

MK is getting soo super big! She is 100% teething with drool EVERY where. She is constantly chewing on her hands and anything else she can get a hold of. She loves food and has even started grabbing the spoon when I'm feeding her and "helping" me get it to her mouth. She is so much fun.

I have recently learned that anyone can see my facebook pictures...even if you don't have a facebook account. Go here to see them.

Maybe she'll read this soon.. Happy birthday MJ!! Hope you are enjoying your trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!