Fun with Photos thanks to Chez!

When I was blog reading the last few days, Chez (I was totally going to link her blog, but i keep getting a 404 error) had posted about a site called Picnik where she edited and played with photos online. I had totally planed to scrapblog tonight, but that site wasn't cooperating with me. I decided to check out this other site. It is pretty simple to use and is very forgiving if you do something you don't like. Here is some pictures I edited

The last two are the same picture, as you can tell, I just did different stuff with them!

New look...

I have a new look. Do you like it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
Yay for loyal readers who stick around after months and months of no blogs!

Last weekend we had Madelyn's 1st birthday party.

she had a big turn out and got lots and lots of clothes. Her party was at the beach, so she had a sand castle cake.

She really enjoyed it. The best part is that it was gluten free! My cousing Chandler was recently diagnoised with Celiac Disease and can't have gluten. While looking for a cake for MK, I found a local place that made gluten free cakes. It tasted good. Everyone reported that the strawberry was the best. It has half strawberry and half chocolate.

Here is MK eating the middle tower.

I've finally working at work. The first 8 weeks I was in training. I have 1 case with 5 kids. I look forward to learning all the adoption specific forms and finalizing my first (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th) adoptions soon!

Here's to new blog beginning.....

Or so I hope! It has been a really long time, longer than I have ever went between blogs. I have got a new job, moved to a new state and had lots of changes since my last blog. I'll try to summarize. I'm not sure what I last blogged because it's been sooo long. Wesley got a job in Tampa in November. I began looking for a job, and finally found one in Feburary. MK and I moved down the weekend before I started my job. I have returned to the world of child welfare as an adoption care manager. The state of Florida requires 8 weeks of training, which I will be finished with on Wednesday! Finally!! I think I will like my job, but it's hard to tell since I haven't done it yet.

We are super close to the beach, which is a great plus. I was going to put a really cute picture here, but the internet is being a tard. So go to my facebook to see them! I always update them there.

Mk is turning one in 2 days... where did the year go? It seems like just yesterday that I was getting ready to have her. She is so much fun right now. She learns something new every day. She is so close to walking, but won't let go. I've been told by several people they think she is going to do it on her birthday...which is highly possible.

That's our breif update. I am pledging to blog at least once a week now that life seems to have gotten settled. So check back often.