I'm a Crafty Mother.......

Yep that's right. This weekend I have been super crafty. I have some pictures to share, but other projects aren't yet done. I'll share them sometime next week.

This is from Memorial Day. MK and I went to our friend Paige's apartment complex for a BBQ and afternoon of swimming. Kim and Ian were also there. MK and Ian have seen each other a couple times before, but never really interacted.

here's another one from that day of them playing.

Me and MK in the pool. We had a great time with great friends. We are so lucky to have found a great group of friends so quickly! We really gotta thank Brother and/or Gina for introducing us to such a wonderful group.

I'm also working on a diaper cake for a shower next weekend. It is the best one I've made so far, if I do say so myself! I altered some embellishments to put on it, but had to let them dry. I'll get some good pictures and get them posted after the shower. I also altered a picture frame for the shower. Again, I'll post pictures after the shower, don't want to ruin the surprise!! I hope to get some embroidery done this week too.

fun crazy weekend

The weekend was fun and full of craziness!! Friday I took the day off so Wesley could go take a test with Verizon for a possible job. He passed all the test and is waiting to hear from them for an interview. Unfortunately it is only part time, so it might not be financially smart for him to take it. We'll have to see.

Saturday morning we didn't do much, but the fun began just after lunch. Wesley left about 1 to go meet Gina to scout trail for the Hash , as they were the hares. I got MK's stuff ready and took her to Jenn and Dave's for the night.

Isn't the bow in her hair adorable?! Her hair is finally getting long enough to hold a bow without a headband. Yay!

I then headed over to Beer Belly's for the hash. I was early because traffic was not too bad. Lucky for me, Paige and Lori were also early. We got to see "The Son" and laugh at him. It was a homeless man that told us he was the son. He also told us he was black on the inside and white on the outside. Paige gave him $.50 and he was on his way after a brief time to talk to the voice in his head.

Paige, me and Lori in our Derby outfits for the Derby Hash

The hares (Wesley and Gina) finally arrived and the hash was underway.

Blessing of the hares.

After the extremely long trail, which caused me a HUGE blister on the ball of my foot before half way, we headed to the on-after at Beer Belly's. There was hashy karaoke, beer, food and fun. My friend from work, David and his friend, Jason, met up with us. I hope they were entertained... but I'll never know because he is too nice to say otherwise! Awesome Stephanie joined us after she left the derby (we didn't make it to the derby).

Steph was excited to hang out with derby girls, so we headed over to the derby after party at Tally Ho's. It got a bit awkward here, because Gina was with us, and Brother and Vic were there. Not such a good combo...ex girlfriend and new interest at the same bar. There was fun times, as Gina and Steph leg wrestled! We headed home about 130 am! It's been a long time since we stayed out that late. I enjoyed my ride on the crazy train, but prefer a boat so I can jump off into the deep end if I prefer!!!

Today, Wesley and I both woke up extremely sore, due to the long trail (have I mentioned how long it was??). I went and go MK from Jenn and Dave's. She did okay for her first time away from home for the night (well she has stayed at grandparent's before, but she was a lot smaller and doesn't remember it, not that she will remember this either!!). Jenn said MK preferred Dave over her and that she was a bit whiny for a good bit of the time. I'm sure it will get better the more she does it. We then went to have lunch with Jess and Joseph, who were in town from Alabama. Lunch was great and with great company!

This afternoon MK decided she really likes the kitchen. She has figured out how to get under our kitchen chair barricade.

She saw me coming with the camera and stopped, but she was headed under the chairs!

This is what she wanted to do when she got there!! She loves her sunglasses, and as you can see wears them all the time. This is her play pair, she also has a pair we keep in the car.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our weekend as much as we enjoyed it!
Did you know that I have the stinkin cutest little girl ever? Well, most of the time that is! She is learning so many new things everyday. Tonight while she was in the bath tub, she was 'swimming'. It was a bubble bath and she kept putting her face in the bubbles. She would come up out of the water with a bubble beard and mustache. it was too cute. After her bath we went to her room to get her pajamas. She was in just a towel. As soon as she hit the floor so I could get her pajamas out of the drawer, she took off to her toy box. She doesn't play in her room too often because it is upstairs and we stay down. She has toys in both places, but plays with the toys in her room less often. She kept pulling different dolls out of the toy box and looking at them. She would then hug them and put them back in the toy box. It was soo cute! She has two Raggedy Ann dolls, one as big as her and one little one. She found the little one 1st and looked it over. She then spotted the bigger one and kept looking from one to the other. I could tell she was comparing them. It was awesome watching her.

I've got some embroidering done recently. I have uploaded them to facebook. You can see them here I hope to get some more done tonight if MK will ever settle down and go to sleep. She is being clingy and wanting me to lay down with her, so I will end for now!

a quick hello

before I head to bed. MK is still up (it's 1015!!) but luckily she's not ill or screaming. she gets restless when she is tired and fighting sleep. If we put her to bed we would endure screaming at the top of her lungs for extended periods of time. some nights she is good about going to bed in her bed, but others.. not so much!

We've decided she is going to be a girly girl. She got a purse for her birthday with lots of girly things in it, like money, lipstick and keys. she loves it and plays with it ALL the time. Today she got her diaper bag, which she emptied yesterday, and took it in the living room with the rest of her toys. She keeps getting it and throwing it over her shoulders and walking around with it. It is too cute. I'll try to get a picture of her doing it tomorrow. She also loves all technology. She loves 'talking' on the cell phone and playing with her daddy's game controllers.

She is crawling in my lap and started to get ill, so we are headed to bed!!