It's AUNT Misty to you....

I'm officially an AUNT now. Several of my cousin's kids have called me Aunt Misty for a while now, but my sister and brother-in-law welcomed Landon Wyatt into the world at about 430 am. He was 7lbs and 11 oz and 19 in long.

Isn't he adorable??

Here is a picture of him with Mommy and Daddy

Lauren might kill me for the lovely picture, but it's already on facebook!!

We had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend other than Wyatt being born. Saturday morning I had to work a recruitment event for our kids awaiting adoption. It was the 1st recruitment even I had ever worked. It was a bit of chaos, but I think a lot of kids had families express interest in them.

This is a board of kids that are available. Thanks so much Krystina for cutting out 150 or so stars for us to put the kids name and ages on their pictures.

After work I went home and fed MK and got her down for a nap. Too bad she didn't get down until 140. We were suppose to be at a birthday party for Ian at 230 and it was about a 30 min drive. We were late, or did we just arrive in style?! We had a blast hanging out with everyone for Ian's 2nd birthday. His Grandparents bought him an awesome swing set but Mommy couldn't put it together by herself. The whole party revolved around getting it put together. MK and Ian ran around in the backyard while the adults put the swing set together.

They actually played together this time and not just near each other. They were so cute together. Ian can say Madelyn, which is a lot to say for a little one, but he does it wonderfully!

He was giving her a kiss. I missed the actual kiss on the forhead picture, but it was super cute.

I can't resist posting this face

she is SO expressive! I love it!!

Kim had pumpkins for us to carve, but we never got around to that. I did try to get some cute pictures of the kids with the pumpkins (which hearing MK say is adorable. She says "pu kin")

there was a ton more, but I think this post is picture heavy enough!! Stay tuned for pictures of our trip home to see Wyatt!

I don't think I've posted pictures that we had taken Labor Day weekend, so here are some of my favorite.