2 year check up

It's hard to believe that this little bundle is such a big girl!

She turned 2 in April. I took her today for her 2 year check up. She weighs 30 lbs and is 36.5 inches tall. Because I'm a nerd, I wanted to know where she fell percentile-wise with her age group, so I googled it:

At 22 months:
your child is 30 pounds, and that is
at the 90th percentile for weight.
your child is 36.5 inches, and that is
at greater than the 97th percentile for height.

I also read that your 2 year old height is half of your adult height. With that being said, MK is more than likely going to be about 6 feet tall. We'll have to wait and see!! It appears she is well on her way.

She is also a smart little thing. In my wanting to know where she falls compared to others her age, I was reading up on various development skills. She definitely meets ALL the 2 year old skills and most of the 3. She even meets several of the 5 year old skills.

Her skills include:
*Counting to 10 consistently in English and Spanish; she can sometimes count to 15 on her own and can count to 20 in English with help
*identify all her shapes
*identify at least 15 colors
*recognizing her name (both MK and Madelyn)
*recognizes extended family (that we only see every few months...some she's only seen once, but can point them out in pictures)
*sings a repertoire of 20 or so songs (some English some Spanish)
*recognizes some words (probably 10 or so regularly) on flash cards
*can follow 2 step directions, when she chooses too!!
*jump with both feet leaving the ground
*jump off objects...whether she's suppose to be on them or not!!
*climb on chairs (and ladders at gymnastics)
*brush her own teeth
*knows the entire alphabet and the sound most of the letters make

She is so prissy and sassy. She likes to have her toenails painted and her hair fixed. She has been requested "lipstick" aka lipgloss the last few weeks. She prefers to wear Natalie's heels to her shoes. This morning she was hanging out with Natalie while I took a shower. When I went to tell her I was out of the shower, she was in Natalie's bathroom "putting on make-up". She had Natalie's make-up brush and would rub it on the bar of soap then put it on her eyes and cheeks. She loves gymnastics and is getting pretty good at it. She practices it all the time, jumping and donkey kicking all over the place. She was moved up a class the beginning of this session, which normally requires you to be 3. She likes to boss Sabre around. She knows all the Disney princesses and most of the characters of all the Disney and Nick Jr shows.

I'm sure I've left a lot out, but that's my girl in a nutshell!!

Fathers Day and July 4th

June disappeared before my eyes! The last time I blogged, we were getting ready to head to Alabama. We had a great trip and fit lots of visits in.

MK helped document the trip! She loves taking pictures and having her picture taken.

We started our visit in Troy. We met Wesley's parents at the park so MK could play. She had a great time playing with Poppa and Grandmother. It was a good visit. We then met the Bateman's at a local restaurant for dinner. We didn't get any pictures from dinner, but had a good time. Alaina has gotten SOO big!

MK and Hailey bug dressed alike. They are so cute together. MK follows Hailey around every where and Hailey just eats it up. We stayed at Michelle's most of the weekend, but due to all the events of the weekend we were only there at night.

far left Corey, back Dad, far right Uncle Richard, front with back to us- Brother.
they are playing cribbage. We grew up playing this at Grammie's. I had not played in YEARS, but got the hang of it pretty quickly.

MK learning to play cribbage. I told you we learned it young!!

The Aunts- Doris, Debbie and Stacy

Pops and Super Y hanging out during pictures.

MK waiting for her turn to be in pictures. Her hair had been done since early that morning, this was at about 5pm. I tried to re-do it but didn't have any more ponytail holders, so we did it with just the bows. It didn't work so well!! She was also VERY VERY tired. She got up early and had not had a nap.

I was holding Y and MK got a little jealous and wanted me to hold her too. Turned into a cute picture if I do say so myself!!

Group shot by Priceless Pix. Pam does great work. She took lots of pictures.

My favorite picture of the entire weekend! The girls hugging bye.

4th of July celebration

MK ready to celebrate the 4th in style. I made her shirt with the assistance from Mom, who came down to help us celebrate the 4th of July. This is the 2nd year she's been her for the 4th. We didn't do too much, but had a good time. We did some sewing and embroidering on Saturday and then went to Largo to hang out with Natalie's family on Sunday. Originally we were going to head over to Largo City Park and spend the day at the park and possibly participate in the record breaking Twist, but the rain spoiled that!

MK and Uncle Jay discussing which fireworks to do next, in the rain

This is what they ended up with.

Her reaction! It was priceless. She would tense up in anticipation then laugh and say AGAIN when the boom was over.

Uncle Jay showing us sparklers in the rain.

They ended up playing in the rain. Uncle Jay was showing her how to catch it with her tongue. She was soaked after they got finished, but Mommy had extra clothes for her!

It didn't stay dry too long! The rain stopped in time for us to head over to the park. Unfortunately it had rained so much that the field was mud puddle after mud puddle. MK played in the big one that was right behind us. We got a variety of looks from others in the crowd. Some people were in shock that I was letting her play in the mud, others looked jealous that they weren't playing in it! She ran and ran through it.

on of the over 500 fireworks pictures that Brother took. This was one of the best fireworks shows I have seen.

She was amazed by it! She kept saying "Oh My Gosh!" she would cover her face while she said it. Her response was as good as the fireworks show. The only bad part of the weekend was that Wesley was not here to enjoy it with us! We are super ready for him to be home!!!