Madyson Klaire and Madelyn Kate

Both my girls birthdays are in April. As you'll see from my next post, April has been pretty hectic!

It really hit me the week leading up to Madyson's birthday that I should be having 2 birthday parties on that Saturday not just one. Due to scheduling, we had MK's birthday party the weekend before her birthday, which happen to be Maddy's birthday. It really doesn't seem like it has been 5 years since I first became a mom! That little girl touched SO SO many lives in her short little life. Here are some of my favorite pictures of her!

Maddy at 3 months

Maddy 6 months
She didn't have tempature control and her body temp had dropped to about 94 degrees.

Notice her dress....then look at the picture of MK below. Same dress, same age, totally different fit!

I thought it fitting for her to be a nurse, since so many nurses had been involved in her life!

One of my favorite of Me and Maddy!


Sweet baby!

Love this little girl!

As hard as it is to believe that Maddy would have been 5, it is just as hard to believe that MK is 3! She is super smart. She knows all her letter sounds and can tell you what words start or end with. She can count to 20 by 1s and to 100 by 10s. She knows her birthday, my birthday month and several other peoples birthday month. She is very opinionated and does not mind telling anyone what she thinks. She has a say in what she wears and has more shoes than I do! She knows relationships, example that my mom is Gaga and Wesley's mom is Grandmother. She also knows aunts, cousins, uncles and can label people correctly. She is obsessed with all thinks Tinker Bell and likes most anything girlie. She has 20+ Barbies (some are Princesses) and loves to have tea parties with them. She has been taking gymnastics over a year and excelling at it. She loves her Gaga the most and I think she would live with her! She knows that we live in Tampa and that Gaga, Lulu and Y live in Opp, Alabama while Grandmother and Alaina live in Troy, Alabama.

I haven't taken her for her 3 year old check up yet (I should probably get that scheduled!!), but she weighs about 30lbs and is right at 3 feet tall. She is often mistaken for 4 or 5 years old.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her over the last 3 years in no particular order!

1st birthday!

1st haircut! Thanks Ashley!!

2 years old!

Mk's 3 year old pictures, both boys were there so we tried to get a cousin's picture. this was the best we got!

MK 3 months, Happy Halloween!

Thank Heather for our 3rd birthday pictures!

MK loves the beach!

Santa brought her a car for Christmas 2010

She had just learned to play cribbage. It's a Carter tradition to play cribbage. Good thing she's smart and will be able to keep up with all those 15s.

Posing for Christmas pictures 2010

This is the same dress that Maddy had on in her Christmas picture above. Its hard to tell her, but it was no where as tight on MK as it was on Maddy my fatty!

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

She loved the fireworks this past 4th of July. She kept saying "Oh my gosh"

Happy Halloween!

MK loves Lighting Hockey! She'd be glad to know they are in the playoffs and doing well. I forsee lots more hockey games in our future.

This is one of my favorite pictures of MK and Ian. They are best of friends!

Best friends being pirates. "Arrggghh!"

Sweet little baby!

My favorite picture of Me and MK

back when she 1st started nastics

getting nastic awards with Kingston.

another of my favorites!

Gaspirlla Jr. Classic Race was her 1st race. She loved it and has talked about it off an on since. She'll definitely be doing more races!

Another silly favorite

MK as Tink! She is obsessed with all thinks Tink.

Despite wanting all things Tink, she said she wanted a Tea party for her birthday. I felt her friends were a little young for a tea party this year, so we did a Dr. Seuss party for her birthday. She loves books and can "read" several of Dr. Seuss books. Word was out about her obsession with Tink and she got a LOT of Tinker Bell stuff for her birthday. Her room s completely Tink.

That's it for tonight. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll try to get another on up in the next few days about our happenings over the last few months.