I'm still trying to figure out why it is called the "terrible twos" because 3 is ten times worse than 2 was!! MK had 3 fits in the twenty minutes between getting out of the bath and into the bed! Good grief, she was insane!

In other news, Austin came to visit last night. They played pretty well together and both ate lots of spaghetti. Then they took a bath together. Aren't the cute in their hood towels?!?

October is one of our favorite months in the Hubbard house! Is it too early to wear Halloween shirts yet?!? I went to my cousin, Chrisy's house a few weeks ago and we started working on Halloween shirts for the kiddos.
This is MK's new shirt! I won a free photo shoot from a local photographer, Studio 846. Right after we won, she advertised for Halloween mini-sessions. I asked if we could do that for our free session. We will have Halloween/3.5 year old pictures taken on October 1st. Great way to start the Halloween season! My mom is making MK a shirt/tutu to go with her witch shirt.

MK is going to be Alice for Halloween. The day her costume came in she wore it and had me call her Alice all afternoon and evening.

I think she will get to wear it at least 3 times. We are going to Alabama to celebrate Super Y and Monkey's birthdays the end of the month. While we are there, Opp will have their trick or treating. Time of Wonder (daycare) has a Halloween parade and party on Halloween every year. The kids get to wear their costumes to daycare and then they have a parade to the offices in the complex. It was fun last year, so I know it will be a blast this year. Then of course she will get to wear it to go trick or treating on Halloween!

Did I mention all the people born in October?!? Lots of birthdays coming in the next few weeks!


Today is the angel-versary of some very special friends sweet little baby. It is always a bitter sweet day to remember. It got me thinking of my sweet Princess Angel Butterfly. She should be in kindergarten this year. It doesn't seem like its been that long!

Look at that sweet baby! I miss her sooo much!!

Just in case you know others who have lost a child and are afraid to ask them about the child, don't be! We (as parents of angels) like to know others think of them as often as we do. Don't be afraid to ask or share memories of them. I can't wait until MK is old enough to really understand and know about her sister.

I hope to do a blog on what we are up to sometime next week. Stay tuned!