I've been super crafty lately. I have been very inspired by Pinterest. Since joining this site I have made several things. Today alone I made MK a dress and tights. Enough words, here's some pictures.

I made this a few weeks ago and did not like how they turned out. You couldn't really see the letters. I painted them white today a like it so much better. The letters just POP off the pages now.

MK helped me make her shirt. The ghost are her feet print in purple paint. She had fun helping me.

Take one of turning Daddy's shirt into a dress for MK. The arm holes were a little small and she did not like how it fit. I cut the sleeves off and came up with this....

I think you can tell from her facial expression she likes this one so much better!

Here is a Rapunzel wig I made MK from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.She loves it and has wore it a lot.

I have found a ton of ideas I can't wait to try. Come back often and see what else I come up with !