I'm back! at least for one post!! We'll see how often I visit.

The most dreaded week of my life is fast approaching. I guess it's not really the entire week usually, just a few days of it. Last year the 1st week of February was by far the worst week of the year, possibly the last several years. I'm optimistic that this year will be better. For those that are wondering what in the world I am rambling about, the 6 year anniversary of Madyson's death is fast approaching. I saw this
on Pinterest the other day. It is oh so true. I do miss my sweet girl every day. It makes me sad to know MK will never really know her sister. It makes me sad to think of all the 1st we didn't get to have with her. Then I remember those 10 months we did get to have with her. Seeing her do more than the doctors thought she would. Watching her turn her head to look as she heard her Daddy come into a room and started talking. So many things she could do!!

Enough of the sappy stuff. I've made myself tear up and know I'll need the tears next week. Next week is also my 7 year anniversary!! We share it with my grandparents. This makes it extra special to me. Wes and I have been together since January 2002. 10 years! He drives me bananas but I can't imagine spending the last 10 or next 10 (or the follow 100 either) years with anyone else. We've been through a lot together. He works so hard to provide the best for MK and I. We miss him terribly when he's gone. Luckily we get to see him at least weekly (most of the year anyway). This is us just before Christmas.

here is my grandparents taken just before their 50th Anniversary back in 1999. Just kidding, I can't find the picture already online and am too lazy to hut it down and scan it tonight. Maybe this weekend, or at least before our anniversary I'll get it scanned.

I'm done blabbing for now, but hope to come back next week and do a blog on what's happening at work. It's too much to add to this blog.