2012 year end review


We started the 2012 with sweet Rayleigh turning 1! Not much else happened in January (that I can remember or have pictures to show!)


February is always a hard month for me, especially the 1st few days.

Grampie got very sick and passed away in February. This picture was taken by one of my cousins. I love it!
MK with her cousin Cameron sitting with Grammie. This might have been in March....
Madelyn ran the Gasprilla's Children race for the 2nd year in a row. She is already started asking me about her next race.


Grampie's memorial service was the 1st part of March. While everyone was together, we took the opportunity to take pictures. Here is me with my Dad, my siblings and their children (and Nat too!) There are several birthdays in March, but they are all grown-ups, so not much celebrating was done and there surely aren't any pictures!
I think I blogged about work once or twice in the few blog post I did in 2012. This is a picture of my awesome team. Since the transitions, I don't get to work with most of these awesome ladies any more. I miss this team!


We went to Disney World for Madleyn's 4th birthday. She had a blast! We had several family members go with us. This picture is at her birthday breakfast at the Grand Floridian Hotel. She got picked to help open the restaurant with Mary Poppins. We liked it so much, we upgraded our tickets to annual passes. This has definitely been the year of Disney. We have been to the parks 5 or 6 times since April.
Prior to Disney, we had MK a small party at the local park. This is really the only picture I have from the party. She had lots of fun.
Relay for Life was again in April. Our team decided we would be taking a year or more off from Relay. This picture was with us and our trophy! This was my 3rd official year on the team and 4th Relay with them. They/we have won the spirit award for the last 8 years!


Madelyn made Mother's Day cards for all her grandmothers and great grandmothers. We didn't tell them and surprised them with mail! That's all the pictures I have from May. I don't know why we didn't take more pictures in May!


Madelyn had her 1st (of many I'm sure) dance recitals. She loved it and had such a great time! She dances ALL the time.
We also welcomed this little guy into the family! Daniel was welcomed by big sister Rayleigh and parents Cheryl(Wes's sister) and Kenny. MK and Wes made the trip to Alabama shortly after his birth to meet him. I couldn't go because of work.


July was a quiet month for the most part. MK spent the 4th with cousins. She loves hanging out with them. We are lucky they live close enough we get to spend time with them!


August brought another new family member! Sweet Analise was welcomed by big brother Matias and parents Jason (my brother) and Natalie.
Madelyn officially started Pre-K. It is at the same daycare she has been attending since she was 18 months old, so it was not much of a change. It's crazy to think she will be starting Kindergarten so soon! She is so smart already. She reads on a 3rd grade reading level and does math on (I'm guessing) at least a 1st grade level.


We went to Alabama in September to help my Mom move. She got a new house that is so much better than her old house. All her out of town siblings happen to be in town that weekend too! This is my grandma with all 7 of her children. They do not all get together often enough!
The little kids had a water gun fight in the backyard. The "little kids" as we call the younger generation always have fun playing together.


October is always a busy month for us. Of course we got lots of pictures!

Mom had a house warming/blessing. This is her picture wall that Natalie and I did thanks to inspiration from Pinterest!
The weekend we were there was also the boys birthdays. There birthdays are one day apart so we try to celebrate them together! This was a very last minute thrown together party. The kids had lots of fun and that's all that matters. These three kiddos love each other!!
We went to Disney for Matias birthday. The top picture is Madelyn waiting to get her face painted at Hollywood Studios. She was so excited and happy to get her face painted. This is most definitely one of my favorite pictures of the year!
Here are out Halloween pictures. Of course there are a ton more! Madelyn was Merida from the new Disney movie, Brave. Matias was a Prince and sweet little Ana was Snow White. Because Matias' birthday is so close to Halloween, the kids got to wear their costumes while at Disney as a test run.


We went to Alabama for Thanksgiving. We didn't take very many pictures... who knows why! We did do some family shots with the Hubbards. This is the 3 grandkids on that side of the family all in their Alabama gear.


We went to Disney to see Santa. Why not see the Jollies Man around at the Happiest place on Earth! We also got passes to Legoland given to us. Madelyn had a blast riding the roller coasters. I love the expression on her face in this picture!
Every year MK's daycare does a Christmas program and all the classes sing. This was the 1st year they put them on risers like this. They lined MK's class up with tallest in the back. She of course was 3rd from the end. Only 2 boys in her class are taller than her! The riser was not very big and she could not dance like I know she wanted to. They did a great job! A bonus, my mom happen to be in town this weekend and got to see her and Matias sing!
This was from a holiday party at a friend's house. She was so cute all bundled up in her warm clothes. Too bad she only needed them a few days!
Christmas season wrapped up with lots and lots of gifts for MK! This is one spoiled little girl!
We ended the year with MK's 1st sleepover! She had 3 friend over for a New Year's Eve party. They were great and got a long so well. 3 of the 4 of them made it til midnight.

I hope everyone had a fabulous 2012 and is looking forward to a wonderful 2013!!!