January 2013

I hope to do a monthly recap at the end of each month. This one is a little late.... We have been busy in January! I think we did something every weekend. MK has attended a ton of birthday parties since the beginning of the year. This is Colin's
This is Williams. They ate before getting hot and sweaty at this one.
We also went to Gaspirilla. We took MK and a few friends to the Children's parade one weekend and then Wes and I went for the grown-up version the following weekend. I didn't get many pictures of either. Here are a few of MK and friends before and after the parade.
We started walk/running on Monday nights. It feels good to run again. MK had her 1st bike accident. She scrapped her knee up pretty bad, but survived and got back on the next time we went out.
I'm sure I have forgot somethings, but that sums up our January for the most part.