On This Day

In just a few short hours it will be my 9th anniversary! We have been through a lot in our years together (12 when you add in our dating years). I looked for some pictures of our dating years, but didn't have any luck finding any.

For those that don't know our story, I'll catch you up. We worked together at Brittany's (a local restaurant in Troy). I don't actually remember working with him the 1st time we worked together. Wes says we worked together for a while then he left to work for Bonnie Plants (in Kentucky) as a helper then came back to work at Brittany's in late 2001. We were basically living together after a month or so. We officially moved in together after dating about 6 months (I'm now 2nd guessing my time frames so this could be off a bit). I knew it was forever when he agreed to move with me to Opelika/Auburn after I graduated from college. We had been dating less than a year.  Wes went back to work for Bonnie Plants and I moved to Opelika to live with my cousin, Chrisy (and her family). As Wes was getting ready to come back to Alabama I found us a house. We lived in Opelika for about 2 years.

July 2004 we were at the beach for a company meeting for Wes. We went walking on the beach one night and he proposed. I'm not sure who all he had told a head of time, but I know Chrisy had seen my ring prior to us going to the beach. Sneaksters!

We moved to Elba in November 2004 to be closer to our families. We got married February 5, 2005 on what would have been my Grandparents 56th wedding anniversary. We got married at Sorrell Chapel on the Troy State Campus and had a small reception at a local hotel.

We went to Apple Mountain in Northeast Georgia for our honeymoon. It was February, so we had the place to ourselves for the most part. We went to Tullulah Gorge and climbed a million stairs.

Happy Anniversary to my other half! I would not have survived the last 12 years without your constant support and love. We have always made it work even working in different states. You were my rock when Madyson was born and when we she died. In lots of situations, losing a child is more than 2 people can handle and it drives a wedge. We did not let that happen. We leaned on each other and became stronger together.  You sacrifice so much to provide the best for us. We miss you more than you will ever know while you are gone and can't wait for you to get back. I can't wait for the next million years together!