Where has time gone?

I started this on the 14th, worked on it some on the 15th and hope to finish it now on the 16th. 

Happy Birthday to Kook-a-Doodle Lulu! 
aka Kooky-Lou

It is hard to believe you are six years old. You are amazing, beautiful and so very smart. You amaze me daily with what you know. You are eager to learn as much as you can. You are very hard headed and do things in your time, which drives me INSANE, especially when we are on a time line.  

Look how much you've grown since last year
5th birthday

Every year on your birthday I ask you the same questions. It is fun to see how your answers change over the years. Here is what you said this year.

What is your favorite color? Pink and all the colors of the rainbow
what is your favorite toy? Isabelle
What is your favorite fruit? Banana and Strawberry
what is your favorite TV show? Cupcake Wars
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Peanut butter with honey sandwich
What is your favorite games? Fun Loom
What is your favorite thing to wear? Dresses
what is your favorite snack? Gramfuls
what is your favorite animal? Bunny Rabbits
what is your favorite song? Let It Go by Idina Menzel
favorite book? American Girl Books (any)
 best friend? Paityn Hutchinson, Sarah Blockel and Henry Bravo
eat for breakfast? Grits and scrambled eggs
thing to do outside?  play soccer games
favorite drink? chocolate milk
favorite holiday? my birthday and Christmas
take to bed with with you? Josefina, Isabelle, Madyson Bear and Ice Cold
what do you want to be when you grow up? a soccer coach and a waitress
where is your favorite place to go? Alabama and New York
What is something Mommy always says? Go to sleep
What is something Daddy always says? calm down
What's your favorite thing about Kindergarten? my teacher and being the helper when Mrs. Aquino is not there

Anything else you want people to know? That my life if great

Facts about you for this year:
*American Girl dolls and books are your new obsession
*You love to read books in general- you really like Junie B Jones and Judy Blume books
*You love to play soccer and have become pretty good
*you dance and listen to music when ever you can
*you have some sneakiness up your sleeves. The other day you and Paityn tried to sneak her into the car so she could go home with us. I saw you conjuring up the plan. 
*you still love to yap but have gotten better about yapping when you aren't suppose to be
* you have your first crush and think your "Handsome Warren" is so cute. poor Henry!
* you love your technology and would be on your phone, Kindle or the computer all the time if we let you
*you were in your 1st wedding this past summer. You were the most beautiful flower girl ever!
*you had your 1st airplane ride when we went to NY/NJ for Spring Break
*you rode your 1st subway, train and ferry while we were in NY
*you started school and impressed everyone with how smart you are
*you read several chapter books simultaneously and know what each one is about
*you are a Daisy and sold cookies for the 1st time. Together we sold 500 boxes!
* you went to your 1st dance. Uncle Jay was night enough to stand in for Daddy while he worked
*you saw snow for the 1st time and had fun playing in it, even though it was crunchy not fluffy
*you were in your first parade. Thanks to Gigi
*you love animals, especially cats and dogs
*you sang your 1st solo during VPK graduation
I'm sure there is so much more that I have forgotten about!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the year
You have made honor roll every quarter with all Es!

You have learned a lot as a Daisy

This is my favorite picture from Christmas. you were so excited to see Santa at school

I look forward to your 6th year and how much you will grow and learn! Love ya lots and lots.