Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends. I don't remember my life without you. We've fought, we've not talked for extended periods of time, but most importantly, we've always been there for each other! Because I'm a true Williams, and procrastinate on everything like most in our family, I don't have as many pictures as I wanted (and they are all out of order).

Beach trip after graduation

I'm not sure exactly when this was, but I think it was before we moved

date says 7/21/07... not sure of the occasion
 You are way to giving, but have finally learned to say no when you have more than you can handle. You have never been afraid to speak your mind, and everyone has always known exactly where you stood. I love you for it! Even if it once caused a riot! Luckily we did not live in a digital world and have everything we did online, we would have been in serious trouble!

Senior portraits

we even stood by each other in the class picture in Kindergarten

I think this was sophomore year

I tried to find a Smurfette's picture... the year we never won a game!

Like I said earlier, I don't remember a time in my life without you (even if there was a few months of me before you). From your name on the board almost every day for talking in Kindergarten to senior year and all the shenanigans we got into. Why did we insist we needed to hang out with those Andalusia boys? I'm old, (just ask MK... ) and don't remember specific details, but know we had lots of fun and did stuff we shouldn't have done. How much gas did we use on trips to and from Andy? I can't imagine what we would have done if gas was as much as it is now. Days and nights at the DQ that resulted in memories that are worth more than the paycheck we got.

we were pretty adorable

I'm not sure why were in the hamper, but there are several pictures from this day

we played softball a long time. I think we won some this year! (I don't know why this is sideways)

we sometimes let Mindy play too

You were the best person assistant ever! (haha!!) You love my children (okay, all children) like no other and have always treated them as your own. You were one of my biggest supports when Madyson was born and through out her life. There were very few people we would leave her with. You took the time to get to know how to care for her and that meant the world to me. You were our voice and didn't hesitate to be the go-between with her updates. You were there in the middle of the night when we had to rush to the ER. You took it upon yourself to clean our house and make sure all Madyson's stuff was in her room, so we wouldn't have to do it.

You were one of the 1st to know we were pregnant with Madelyn. You gladly stepped up to keep her while we were in transition to Florida (or was it just because you aren't so good at saying no?!!?) You are one of her biggest cheerleaders, despite the distance.

We can pick up where we left off, even when we don't talk for weeks at a time. Week-hubberton will never be the same now that we aren't there. Trips from Week-hubberton to Enterprise were always an adventure. Four-wheeler riding, Mafia parties, the list goes on!

It's getting pretty close to your birthday and I have to work tomorrow. I could go on and on!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and Holden lets you have a restful day.