Harry Potter Party

MK decided in October or November that she wanted a Harry Potter birthday party. I know April is always a busy month because we do a huge fundraiser for MK's school, so I started planning early.

Pictures are really the best way to show what fun it was. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to make most of it. The pictures aren't in any logical order and blogger wouldn't let me re-arrange or rotate them. I tried to link the sites I got all my ideas from. The owls were a combination of several sites and I can't find any of them!! I might do a separate blog on how to make them.. maybe

Owl invitations

Up close of invitations

Owl Post with the delivered birthday cards in front of the Forbidden Forrest

not sure why i can't turn it... Potions Shelf

Harry Potter glasses for favors

more sideways stuff... Honeydukes
 I used the tutorial found here and altered it to use trash bags instead of table cloths.
Robes made from trash bags

I made wands for everyone
I used this tutorial to make the wands. They were a big hit. Charlo left hers here and asked me about it the next time I saw her. She needed her wand! After all, the wand chooses the wizard!

MK modeling the robes under the flying keys

the buttons we gave as they were sorted and house eggs

Ollivander's and Madam Malkin

Food table with Patronus... i forgot to put out half the food
 The deer, I bought on clearance after Christmas at Target. It was gold. I painted it white then added some light blue to make it look more patronus like.
Sorting ceremony
 Thanks to Carol for the sorting hat!
up close of potions

more potions
 Thanks to Jo Ann for the house banners!
house banners

Transfiguration was a photo booth with fun costumes. Matias was a super hero

MK was a cat

Potions class we made bubbling truth serum.
 I used the truth serum recipe found here. it was really cool and the kids loved it. i wish we had gotten a picture of the end product.
Occulanency they played 20 questions to guess what was on their back

Care of Magical Creatures they played a capture the flag type came with their house dragon eggs. Gryffindor won

She wanted a treacle tart instead of a cake
 Thanks to Monica for the tart!
invitation i printed

then soaked in tea and baked
then inked to make it look old.

We also had a Whomping Willow in the front yard, a flying car rescuing Harry in the front window, a Death Eater hanging outside the garage and Harry Potter playing on the tv. There were a couple golden Snitches lying around and Moaning Myrtle is still on MK's bathroom mirror. I had a 9 3/4 Platform sign that Jo Ann gave me but I forgot to hang it up. Oops!

I made Polyjuice Potion and Butter Beer thanks to recipes I found on Pinterest! There are tons of Butter Beer recipes, but I went with this one because it looked the easiest.

I think everyone had a great time. I know MK had a blast and enjoyed everyone celebrating with her! She had 5 girls spend the night. They stayed up way to late and got up way to early!

Thanks everyone who came to celebrate with us!