new new new

I've decided to start a new blog. I'll use the old one for updates on my pregnancy and share it with family members. I'll probably take the links to other's pages off of it as well. There isn't too much going on. I've gotten lots of work done on the book I'm making for a friend. I have to have it finished by Sept 8th because that's when her baby shower is. I only have about 5 months left to do, so hopefully I can knock it out this weekend. Once I get it finished I'll post the entire thing here for everyone to see.

until next time!


Michelle said...

Love the colors! It's MJ!

Lizee said...

mmm... purple:)
lovin ur blog colors ;)

Lizee said...

btw which one of you blog do you want me to link from my blog?

oy i hope that question made sense...LOL