It's a New Year!

Hope all my faithful readers (even though I know it is only about 2 of you! lol) had a great holiday. We stayed pretty busy through Christmas but slowed down some for New Years. We went to Blake's for the 2nd year. It was a small group, but fun.

This is one of my favorite pictures from that night. It is Wesley and Stephanie. Steph almost didn't come hang out with us. We talked her into it then she got lost and said she hated me when she got there. In a loving way of course!! After hanging out at the fire that wasn't keeping us warm, Steph and I ran to my house to get Rock Band. (my house is soo far from Blake!! You can see them from each other!) We set it up and jammed out for most of the rest of the night.

This isn't the best picture, but it is the only one with me in it. From left to right-- Me on Bass, Jeff aka poon-a-gin on drums and Steph on Guitar. We couldn't find anyone to be a singer for us. But we were the most awesome band ever. Jeff was by far the best drummer we've found out of everyone we've played with.

This is the only picture of me and Wesley taken that night. When not playin Rock Band, I was taking pictures with two cameras so needless to say I didn't make many pictures.

I've gotten a little scrapping done lately. I have yet to finish my Grandma's calendar I started as her Christmas present, but hope to get that done this weekend.
I did however scrap my ultrasound pictures.

click to make bigger and see details better....

I really like the second page, it is one of my favorite I've done. I'm not super crazy about the first page, but like it the more I look at it. I need feed back cause the Whores don't leave any love anymore when I post in there.

until next time.....


Boriquaz said...

I love that little Girl sticker (is it sticker or rub on), and OMG the Rockband! My brother got that and that's all we hear all damn day for like two weeks after he got it, it was torture LOL

Mrs. Chez said...

my nephews have not put that stupid game down since xmas!!!!!

Michelle said...

Wow I'm impressed with all of the photos on your blog post! I loved seeing the one with you playing bass in rock band. I saw it at costco today and knew we'd love playing it too. Dan's on burnout mode with gh3 already!

Love the los! I'm so happy to see your scrapping for yourself. TFS!