Where to start....??

Lots of life changes since I've last blogged.

I'll start with Madelyn cause she's the cutest!!

She was a monkey at Halloween. We went to a few neighborhood houses and to a few friend's house. She slept a good portion of the time!! Here is she is as we got to the Bateman's

This is a picture of her with her Daddy and Big Poppa at Uncle Johnathan's last home football game.

She is getting so big and growning up so fast! She has been rolling over and going where ever she wanted to by rolling. She has in the last few days started getting up on her hands and knees. She was rocking a little bit on Saturday while we were watching football at the Bateman's. I videoed it so Wesley could see it.

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On to updates about Wesley and I. Wesley has gotten and started a new job. He now works at Gorilla Games in Oldsmar, Florida. This is in the Tampa area. He has been there for a week and seems to like it alot. He is staying with my Brother and Gina.

This brings us to me... I am in the process of moving to Opp to my Mom's. Most of my stuff is already in a storage shed in Opp. I am staying at Lauren's this week in Troy. It is Madelyn's last week at daycare. I'm a little sad cause she really like's Lynn's, but Beth is going to keep her for us. We will save a ton of money by me moving to Opp. It's about the same distance as far as going to work.

I am in the process of looking for a job in the Tampa area. The game plan is for me and Madelyn to move right after the 1st of the year. We are going to Tampa for Thanksgiving and then Wesley will be home for Christmas. His sister is getting married on the 10th of Jan so he'll stay in Alabama from Christmas until then. Hopefully I'll have a job lined up then and we'll be headed that way.


Momyoung said...

She will be up and running before you know it. Her feet look so big in the monkey outfit. Great POST!

Michelle said...

Wow so much stuff! Glad to hear Wesley likes his job and that you'll save some money for a little while by moving and having Beth take care of MK. Loved seeing the pix too. xoxo!

Chez said...

yano that is just so fab girl!

Boriquaz said...

how cute is that that she's trying to get up ... it's cute now wait till she's running around the house with a stick swinging it at you. that's always the best LOL

Krystina said...

I'm so excited that a whore is moving to Tampa!! Yay!!! So hurry up and get here already! :)

NurseDeah said...

ummm... I can see it on my computer... It's black on gray, not black on black. I think the colors are messed up on your computer.