a quick hello

before I head to bed. MK is still up (it's 1015!!) but luckily she's not ill or screaming. she gets restless when she is tired and fighting sleep. If we put her to bed we would endure screaming at the top of her lungs for extended periods of time. some nights she is good about going to bed in her bed, but others.. not so much!

We've decided she is going to be a girly girl. She got a purse for her birthday with lots of girly things in it, like money, lipstick and keys. she loves it and plays with it ALL the time. Today she got her diaper bag, which she emptied yesterday, and took it in the living room with the rest of her toys. She keeps getting it and throwing it over her shoulders and walking around with it. It is too cute. I'll try to get a picture of her doing it tomorrow. She also loves all technology. She loves 'talking' on the cell phone and playing with her daddy's game controllers.

She is crawling in my lap and started to get ill, so we are headed to bed!!


Katie said...

don't you just love this age? it is like all of a sudden, they have an opinion and a much stronger will! but they also get the cutest little personalities that start shining through at 1. she's so cute!

Michelle said...

So glad to hear sweet little things like this. I love imagining how adorable that is! I miss chatting with you. <3

Kristi said...

Super cuteness. There's nothing wrong with being a girly girl!