Changes Everywhere

MK has been experiences lots of changes lately. As I said in my last post, she started daycare a few weeks ago. She doesn't get a bottle at daycare, only a sippy cup. She is doing fine with that as she has been semi-using a sippy cup since she was about 6 months old. Ms. Teena says she sometimes starts to get upset when she sees some of the younger kids bottles, but is fine as soon as she gets her cup.

We've also started taking her to the potty. She is doing pretty good with this too. She pees in the potty at least 2 times a day and some days more. I usually take her 1st thing in the morning and she goes. I'll then take her a few times at night. She pees just about every time I put her on it. I think she understands that she is suppose to pee when she sits on it, but does not understand when she has to pee. She'll get there!!

MK has also slept in her bed all night the majority of the time since we've moved. I think she has ended up in the bed with Wesley and I 3 nights. This is huge. Prior to moving she was waking up between 1-3 and not settling down until we put her in the bed with us. Because it was the middle of the night, we honestly didn't try to hard. It was just easier to put her in the bed with us. This way we all got sleep.

We've been enjoying the pool at the apartment complex too. We've been the last several days. Yesterday Kim brought Ian over and Krystina brought Vaughn and Kyra over to swim with us. We got a few pictures, but of course they are on the laptop and I'm using the desktop. If you're my facebook friend I've uploaded them there.

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Michelle said...

Very exciting news! Sippy cups are cool!