Family, Friend and Sun

We had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday started bright and early with Sunii's graduation from pre-school at 9:30. I didn't get any pictures, but I will steal some from Chrisy or Jenn. Beth, Chrisy and Tot came down for the graduation and to pack up Sunii and Dell for the move to Pensacola. Yep, that's right they are officially placed at Chrisy's house now! YAY!! If everything goes as it should, they will be Youngs in the next 90 days. How exciting seeing my job from the opposite side. After graduation we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Lucky Dill Deli. It was yummy, but we should have skipped it. Wesley, MK and I left breakfast and headed to Ben and Ericka's baby shower.

The proud parents-to-be opening gifts from the wonderful friends.

The diaper cake I previously posted was for them. Ericka was super surprised and loved it! There was a ton of food at the shower, thus we should have skipped breakfast!! We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and talking baby. Wesley and I both won prized in the various games. I got the most number of baby foods right by just looking at them. Wesley won the trivia game. MK had a blast running around every where. Ian was there and she kept saying "E AN" it was really cute. Later in the day MK was in her stroller and dropped the whistle she was playing with. Ian came over and picked it up for her. They are too cute together.

MK taking a break to read during the shower.

After the shower, we headed back to Jenn and Dave's to help them get all the kids stuff together and in Chrisy's car for the move to Pensacola. Jenn swears she is excited and not going to miss the kids. I on the other hand think she will miss them greatly. She made a good point by saying that if they were going to someone she didn't know it would be different. Now she will get to see them regularly and be the "cool" aunt! What a great payoff for all the years she dedicated to them.

Sunday started out as a lazy day, but ended with fun in the sun. MK and I accompanied by Victoria went to the the beach. Victoria brought a picnic lunch and we enjoyed the afternoon at the beach. Of course we took lots of pictures.

Look at that hair! she wouldn't keep a hat on so I greased her head up with sunblock.

Chasing sea gulls. She likes it when the birds get close to her. She would chase them around for a while, then come up to me and Vic and say "Hi" the go off again after the birds. She is so darn cute!


Katie said...

she's so cute - i love how they pick up books to "read" at this age. and i love her little earrings!

Michelle said...

All of these pictures are so cute! MK is growing so quickly.