New look... again!

Several of my friends updated their blog backgrounds and inspired me to do the same. October is my favorite month, so I went with the Halloween theme for now. I plan to change it to Thanksgiving in Nov. and Christmas in Dec. We'll see how that works out.

It's been a while since I've given a good update on MK. She is getting way tall and is sassy as ever. I'm dreading the teenage years already!! Wesley was getting on to her the other day for messing with his PS3. She looked at him, rolled her eyes and continued with what she was doing. He was not amused. She has also started throwing tantrums when she hears the word NO.

She is talking non-stop. We can understand about half of it. Some her her favorite words are: Mommy, Daddy, puppy, kitty cat, Kywee (Kylee, who is her best friend ever at daycare), NeyNey (another daycare friend), Coco, Stewie, Stitch (all of which are dogs at daycare). She can tell you what most of her body parts are with a few exceptions, shoulder being one. When you ask her where her shoulder is she just says knee and points to her knees. She has been in a "big girl" bed for about a month. We tried it a few weeks before it actually happened, but she is there for good now. When we tell her it's time for bed, she grabs her bottle (yes she still prefers a bottle and at night we allow it. Actually we probably allow it more than we should during the weekend too, but it makes her happy!) and Ellie and off to her room she goes. She normally wakes up between 1-3 and comes in our room. No crying or hollering, just walks up to me and says up.

For those that don't know, Brother (yes that's what I call him) is buying a house in Tampa. We will be moving with him to continue to try to save money (He lives with us now). The house is about 2.5 miles from my office and at least 15 miles closer to Wesley's office. I'm sad that MK is having to leave Teena's, but it is just an overall wise decision. I know she will really miss Kywee and NeyNey. I'm sure she will miss Ms. Teena too, I know I will!! We are looking at a few centers. MK has always been at a home daycare, but because she is getting older I think a more structured program will be good for her. The specific center I am looking at has a really impressive website. I've also looked at their DCF ratings and they are all good. Brother plans to close on the house no later that Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, my sister Lauren (or as MK calls her CuCu)is expecting about that time. Her actual due date is Nov. 9th, but I have a feeling little Landon Wyatt will make an appearance on his Mommy AND Daddy's birthday. Yep you read that right, his Mommy AND Daddy share a birthday.

Let me know how you like my changes.... you digging the festive backgrounds? What about the new signature?


Christine said...

Ummmm you left of the GRAND Opening of Misty's Kreations! I love the updated look.

Krystina said...

We just had lunch, but had I read this before I left, I would have had the scoop already!

Now I must change my background too.

Let me know how I can help you when it comes time to move. I will do my best!

Michelle said...

Love the new digs. Can you teach me how to change my background on my blog too?

Sorry to hear about the sassiness but hopefully its just a phase. I'm glad that you will be able to save some $ by moving closer to work. When did your brother move to Florida? Or was he already there?