Madyson Klaire

Last week was the 3 year anniversary of Madyson's passing.

I miss and think about her every day. I love to hear MK say her sissy's name. She says, "Maa-son". We have pictures of Maddy up next to the pictures of MK. MK can point at the and tell us who is who. It is so sweet!!

My awesome Mom and Sister sent me flowers at work. It was totally unexpected and appreciated! It made my day a little brighter. Everyone asked what the flowers were for so I got to talk about Maddy. A lot of people are unsure whether they should say anything or ask questions, but honestly I love talking about her. She touched more lives in her short 10 months than most people do in a lifetime!!

About two weeks after Maddy's passing a high school classmate lost her son. He was only 5 months old. Every year as the anniversary of Maddy's death arrives i think of Amy and her family. Davis' death was completely unexpected. He was a healthy baby. I was prepared to deal with Maddy's death, because we had prepared ourselves two different times while she was in the hospital right after birth. Yes it was still emotional. yes it was all of a sudden. yes it was unexpected because she was as healthy as she could be. but we were prepared for her to have a shorter life than normal. hell, the doctors didn't think she would come home with us. We had a wonderful 10 months with her.

As the above scrapbook page says, Madyson and Davis will be FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

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