Two in two days. That has got to be a record for me! I had and am still having a lot of fun find new blogs and see lots of creativity. I haven't had time to make anything tonight because we had gymnastics then went to eat with Brother and Natalie.

Tomorrow night we are going with Ian and his Mommy, Kim, to see Disney on Ice. I'm really excited about it and hope the kids really enjoy it. I got the tickets through work for dirty cheap. I love a good deal! I plan on taking lots of pictures.

And just for fun and because I don't like to do a picture less post,

MK playing with her tea set she got for her birthday. I love the outfit she has on. My mom made it for her.

I'm off to blog hop and follow more fun bloggers.

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TimandBecckaMarley said...

I hope that isnt her Mt. Dew LOL. My baby, Kaitlynn loves her tea sets!! She plays with them all the time!