Last year of single digits

[Warning- this is a long post! If you make it all the way to the bottom, leave a comment so we know you celebrated with us!!]

Where have the years gone?

We've had a great week celebrating Madelyn turning 9. Sunday we went for pedicures with Mama Jenn and started working on decorations.
1st Pedicure

 Monday we celebrated at Girl Scouts with Aahna, whose birthday was the 14.

Wednesday I took cookies to school and the class started by singing Happy Birthday and eating cookies!

Then Wednesday night, we went to see Smurfs: The Lost Village with Ali and Lori.

Friday night was her annual birthday sleep over. We had it the night before her party this year since the day after was Easter. I probably won't do that again since they didn't want to sleep! They did their own "Zombie" make up. One more joined us before the night was out.

Saturday was the big day! We woke up and had "World famous" pancakes.

Then the girls went with Melissa to a Easter egg hunt and I headed to Jenn's to decorate.

When you don't like cake.....

We ended the night dying Easter eggs. I didn't get any pictures of that but got MK posing.

We continued the party on Sunday celebrating Easter. The Easter bunny made several stops for MK this year.
Easter at home

Easter from Mama Jenn and Gma Sally

 We ended the birthday celebrating by completing her annual birthday questions. Some of her answers are defintely whats on her mind right now and she didn't put any thought into them! I type exactly how she answers.

What is your favorite color?  Maroon/burgundy
what is your favorite toy? my Zoomer Meowzie
What is your favorite fruit? chocolate covered strawberries
what is your favorite TV show? Little Big Shots
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  chicken
What is your favorite games? Warrior Cats Untold Tales
What is your favorite thing to wear?  my flower jumper
what is your favorite snack? star crunch
what is your favorite animal? any type of cat
what is your favorite song? Frost by Blixemi
favorite book? The Warriors Saga
 best friend? Hollie and Mahli
eat for breakfast? cereal
thing to do outside? play soccer
favorite drink? Fanta
favorite holiday?  Easter
take to bed with with you? Madyson Bear and Ice Cold
what do you want to be when you grow upa Professional dancer
where is your favorite place to go? Elsa Pardo Dance Center
What is something Mommy always says? don't ask again or the answer is no
What is something Daddy always says? love you
What's your favorite thing about 3rd grade? you have 2 teachers and they are both very kind
Anything else you want people to know? my favorite thing to do in my free time is dance. my favorite video games are minecraft and roblox. i have lots of stuffed animals most of which are cats. my favorite holiday is easter because it is so close to my birthday and it means spring is here, which i love. my favorite thing about being 9 so far is I'm a year closer to 10.

Other things about MK from the last year.
She won her grade Science Fair and got to compete in the district competition.
She is an alternate on the competitive dance team and her love for dance has grown.
She loves Shadow more than anything.
Her favorite thing to do is watch YouTube videos. she wants Minecraft tutorials, DIY or anything else she can.
She has become quite obsessed with the Warriors Car series. She has read 3 series of 6 books in the last year. She draws Warriors all the time. She plays role play games centered around Warriors.
She took the Florida State Assessment (FSA) for the 1st time and finished it so early she slept more than half the time allotted.

This is already a really long post, but I'm going to end it with birthdays through the years.
1st Birthday - Sandcastles at the beach

2nd Birthday -- Cupcakes at the park

3rd Birthday - Dr. Seuss at the park

4th Birthday -- DISNEY! (she also had a party with friends)

5th Birthday - party was a a craft party at Jo Ann's Fabrics

6th Birthday -- Pump It Up!

7th Birthday -- Pajamas and Pancakes

8th Birthday -- Harry Potter

9th Birthday -- Luau (this was her sleepover pre Luau)

Who would you be now?

Eleven. It really doesn't seem like it has been 11 years since you made me a mommy. Eleven is a big birthday in our house. You would have gotten your Hogwarts letter today! What house would you be sorted into?

It's been a good day! Birthdays are for celebrating, not being sad! I woke up to lots of Facebook memories and everyone wishing you a Happy Birthday. You are still so loved by so many. You continue to have such a huge impact on so many people.

MK and I spent the day getting ready for her Luau. She requested a pedicure and then we went to Mama Jenn's to make decorations for the luau. It was good to be busy so that I didn't get sad missing you. I always go through your scrapbook and other pictures around your birthday. Today I found some I don't think have been shared in a long time, so I'm going to share them for everyone to see.

Happy Birthday my Princess Angel Butterfly!