Grandma Sally

I started this post months ago. I had a hard time starting it and apparently never finished it. 

I've debated writing this blog post and what I would write, but here it is.

I don't remember when I first met Grandma Sally but I'm sure it was shortly after I moved to Florida in 2009. From the beginning, she treated us like family! She has treated MK like she was her granddaughter and loved her even more.

Some of my favorite memories innclude:
- Easter 2009. This maybe the 1st time I met Gma Sally. We moved to Tampa in Feb 2009, so April could have very well been the 1st time we met her. She had the best Easter baskets for the kids. (she really put the Easter bunny to shame some years!)

Easter 2009, Largo, Florida

 - Grandparents Breakfast 2013. MK's school host a breakfast for kindergartners and their grandparents to celebrate Grandparents Day. It is always the Friday before Grandparents Day. It was not realistic for any of MK's grandparents to attend. Luckily she had the best Grandma Sally around! She drove over to Tampa and attended. It was less than a month into a new school opening and still a bit hectic! If you know anything about MK's school, you know there is ZERO parking. To say it was hectic is an understatement. None of this bothered Grandma Sally! She was there and happy to be shown off by MK!

Grandparents Breakfast 2009, HAMS

This was as far as I got when I originally started writing. Re-reading it, makes me want to finish! So here is some more, especially since we just had our 1st Easter without her!

Grandma Sally kept MK, Sunii and Dell for Jenn, Chrisy and I to surprise Beth at her baby shower when she was pregnant with Holden. I get a call that MK has lost a tooth (her 1st tooth!!). She didn't have a loose tooth when I left her. Grandma Sally played Tooth Fairy with the best of them. She even sent me lots of pictures along the way. Of course I can't find any of them now.

Grandma Sally also support MK's cookie sales. She always bought at least one box of Samoas.

I'm going to end with the video I made for her memorial service.

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