Baby shower

I think I said in my last post how busy I'm going to be this weekend. Well the week has been the same way. Last night Beth, Michele and I went to Dothan (the biggest city around here for you whores!) to get the last stuff for Ashley's shower. We got several amazing deals during the trip. Beth got a $40 or so Derick Jeter tee and bases for Chandler's birthday for $4. We got Ashley an Eddie Bauer Pack-n-play for half price. Besides not getting home until 1130 or so, it was a good trip. I am the crafty one of the three of us, so I got nominated to make the Diaper Cake.

I'm not going to have the book I'm making done in time for the shower, but I'll shower her what I have done and hope to finish it before the baby gets here.

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Michelle said...

Super cute. So glad to see a picture! Congrats on the great deals. You'll get the book done in plenty of time!