what a weekend

The weekend started with the Hightower's rehearsal and dinner. We were a few minutes late, but didn't miss anything. We then went to It Don't Matter for some great food and socialization. We did not get enough socialization at dinner, so we all headed to the infamous
Double Branch. The bride and groom appeared to enjoy their last night in singleton...even though they were completely into each other most of the night. Here is a picture of a completely random guy that was passing out in listening to the band.

Saturday morning started early with Ashely's baby shower. There was a great turn out and she got a lot of great gifts.

I then headed to Troy to pick up Kristy, William and Nickie for the wedding. We were early because we had to take the guys food. This gave us time to get pictures with the wedding party ahead of time. This is a picture of the groom (middle) and some of the groomsmen.

and her is the bride pre-wedding

and the happy couple after it was all over

The weekend ended with Chandler's birthday party today. He racked up with the sports equipment. He got soccer, baseball, and football stuff. He had a blast. The kids, big and small, played with water balloons. I think it was a fun time. This is a picture of Chandler opening the gift from Wesley and I.


Michelle said...

What a fun-filled weekend! That was a ton of baby shower presents!

Boriquaz said...

That's a lot of parties for one weekend, as long as you had fun that's all that matters.

Michelle said...

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