California here I come

I'm super excited and getting nervous as my trip to California nears. I'm excited to meet the all of the Whores and to get some great scrappin done. On the other hand I'm nervous about flying for the first time, and alone. I'm sure all will be fine. I just got done packing up all my scrap stuff. I'm sure I'll be throwing clothes and stuff in the bag as I walk out the door, but that's how it always is.

A side note to those keepin up with my pregnancy. I went to the doctor yesterday. It was the first time I meet him. I like him and think he's gonna be a great doctor. He has delivered over 7000 babies. He is very concerned with preventing a re-occurrence of what happen with Madyson. He said to let him worry, even though he knows I will still do some worrying. He is going to have any test he can done to ensure everything is going as it should. Right now he is concerned that I am measuring about 2 weeks later than I should be. I'm going back in two weeks (10/9) for him to listen to the heartbeat. He will more than likely order another ultrasound then to have the baby re-measured. He said there was several reason that the baby could be measuring small, an he plans to monitor it closely.

Sorry there are no pictures this blog, but I will definitely post some from California when I get stay tuned.


Michelle said...

I pray that everything goes smoothly with your pregnancy and that the baby is just fine. I'm glad you've found such a caring doctor!

Christine said...

You better put crackers in your purse on the plane. I got air sick with Rio. Have fun!

Mrs. Chez said...

yay for c a! Can't wait to hear all about it. Updates on said child too ;)