Dog gone Fun

I was feeling a bit nauseous... thanks to the joys of pregnancy! So I made myself some popcorn to try to settle me some. It helped. Thank goodness. I did not eat the entire bag, and had it sittin on the counter when Wesley got home. We normally don't feed our dogs any table food. They think ice is a treat. Wesley threw a piece of popcorn at Lucy and she gobbled it up. Well he kept throwing it to both dogs. Lucy got to where she actually caught most of them in the air. The onces Dixie caught, she swallowed whole. I had just uploaded a picture of my grab bag for a swap I'm in (see bottom of this post for pictures of the grab bag) and had the camera with me. I started snapping pictures.

This one is of Dixie (on the left) and Lucy (on the right) trying to decide who was going to get this particular piece of popcorn.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in a grab bag swap in one of my myspace groups. We won't know what the scrap supplies we get, just what the outside of the "bag" is. Some people have done boxes, others have done buckets. I (with the assistance of my wonderful Mom) made a bag/purse.

Yea for me getting not one but two pictures on a blog!

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous bag! Now I really wish I had joined that swap!

So happy to see pictures!