yea for batteries!

This might be a long one. I've finally got batteries so it will have some of my latest scrappiness and some long awaited belly pictures.

Let's start with some of my latest work.

This one was based on a challenge posted by Chez in our Whore group. Actually most of these are based on challenges posted in Whores.

This is my favorite one in Jess and Joseph's book. (if you are lucky enough to be my friend on myspace you can see more pages there) A book I've been working on since June. I feel horrible for just getting it done. I think they really liked it. I have one more page to do to finish it up, but Jess wanted to take it with her last night. I'll do the last page either later tonight or in the morning. I was going to take it to Joseph at the Bateman's superbowl party, but I've had something come up and I'm not going to be able to go. I'll have Wesley take it instead.

I'm also doing a weekend photo challenge with the Whores. The challenge was basically to take a word (or letter) with you all weekend and find unique backgrounds to take pictures of it. The purpose it to help see different perspectives and settings. I chose to simply take the letter M. It helps me see the past, present and future. My anniversary is Tuesday, so M is for Marriage. Today is the year anniversary of Madyson's death, so M is for Memories of Madyson. Not to get left out, Madelyn has been super active today, so I even took some belly pictures with the M for our future.

I just liked how this one turned out. I was just sitting around playing with the camera.

Wesley and I went to the cemetery this afternoon. I absolutely LOVE the flowers that are there. Tamra did and absolutely AWESOME job on the arrangement. I have to remember to get something to show her how much it means to us.

and the last one so far today is M and Madelyn.

You can't really get the true picture of how big Madelyn and my belly are in that picture....


Michelle said...

Love this post. Those pages are beautiful! Congrats on almost begin done with the album. Those pictures are beautiful. So glad to finally have tummy pictures! Waving hi to Madelyn!

No One said...
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Momyoung said...

Well I don't know if it is because it is late or I just don't know what I am doing but I added a comment and then deleted it. SO... Awesome pictures. We can't wait for Madelyn to get here. Tot hopes she is a swimmer like her, maybe that is why she has been working on her kicks.

Happy Traveller said... my head is in the gutter, I read yay for batteries and I think of whore things. ROFL.
I love the belly shots!

Boriquaz said...

It's time for you to start blogging already ... get ready for that baby and oh yeah you've been tagged ... go check out my blog.