it's been a LONG while

I am such a horrible blogger. I keep telling myself I'll be better, I'll blog more often, yet it doesn't happen. There has been soo much goin on in the last few months, that blogging gets pushed to the back burner. Let me try to catch everyone up (not that you don't already know what's been going on!)

February was not to eventful once we got through the first week. We had 3D ultrasound done. For those that haven't seen the pictures yet, they are on my myspace page. It was a really cool experience. I would recommend it to anyone that is pregnant. We got to see Madelyn Kate's face and other features. It was so super clear. If we have another child we will for sure do it again, we might ever opt for the video of the entire thing.

March was also not too exciting, even though it seems we stayed busy every weekend. My doctor didn't want me traveling more than 45 minutes after about week 34, so the weekend of my 34th week Wesley and I made a trip to Birmingham to see the Ezells. I had not been to see them since they moved. Kristy has been working her butt off, she's an accountant and it is their busy season. I had a baby shower at work and got lots of awesome things, including two hand made quilts. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also organized a baby shower for me. It was at their church in Troy. Again, I got lots of awesome things. I also spent a lot of March packing. We found a house in Troy and moved on March 29th. I had most everything packed prior to everyone showing up to help us. My Mom was a big help. She came over several days when she got off work to help. I wouldn't have gotten it done without her. She did most of the lifting and moving full boxes. Saturday the 29th started early. We had a ton of family and friends show up to help. We had so much help we moved everything in one trip. I'm still working on unpacking and putting things away. A lot of this got done on the 29th thanks to Nickie Bateman hanging out and helping me. She wouldn't let me lift anything. Just wanted me to tell her where to put things. We got several rooms finished and the others started.
This past Tuesday morning was startled by my in-laws. They were beating on the door at 6:15 am. I had left my cell phone in the car the night before (this rarely happens) and no one could get up with me. They came to tell me that my aunt Cindy had taken my Mom to the ER. At this point they weren't sure what was wrong. I went and got my phone, that had also died and found a cord to hook it up to the laptop to get a little charge. Of course I had left my charger at work! I called my sister to see if she was in Troy. I then got dressed and headed to Opp. When I got there I was told that Mom would have to have surgery. Her appendix had ruptured. It was so infected that the surgeon left the wound open to heal from the inside out. I spent a lot of last week in Opp at the hospital. Mom was released yesterday afternoon. She is staying at Grandma's for a few days, mainly because Grandma insisted. I also had diapers and wipe baby shower yesterday afternoon. We have most everything we need, so a diapers and wipe shower was perfect. I got lots of diapers and wipes! We won't have to buy any for a while.

A quick baby update...
I'm not sure if I posted that I had to change doctors because the Opp hospital is not delivering babies anymore. I changed to one in Enterprise. It has really worked out for the best since I work in Enterprise. I can run to my appointments during lunch and not have to take any leave. At my last appointment the doctor thought she might be breech. We scheduled an ultrasound to confirm which way she as facing. Thank goodness she is not breech. I have new pictures and will try to scan them, but probably won't get around to it before she is born. Wesley and I have also decided we are going to use both Madelyn and Kate. I have said the entire time I wanted to call her by both names and Wesley agrees it will be easier. I think it will help keep people from shortening it to Maddy, which as you all know was Madyson.

Only 3 weeks left until my due date...will she be early or hang out late? I'll let you know!

sorry for the longness! maybe next time I won't wait 2 months to post.

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NurseDeah said...

girl, i feel your pain! i think it was 2 months for me posting too, lol! but im back in the swing of blogging now. guess i have to be since we have no more myspace group, right? good luck on the baby!!! keep us updated! :)