Not much to blog about, but didn't want to go too long between post. I'm enjoying being at home with Madelyn. Lazy days are mostly what we do. It is great. I've fit a little sewing in at night. I finally spent my gift card to Everything Scrapp'n that UC gave me back in Feb. The stuff came in today. It's giving me the the itch to go clean off the scrap side of my table and get busy. We'll see if Madelyn cooperates with that!!

I finally took pictures of the baby book the Whores made. You can see it at We Scrap Better blog. It is several post down, so if you go looking for it, be sure to scroll down. It was such a great surprise when I got it in the mail. The Whores have been full of surprises. I got a package from MJ and Liz in the last few weeks. Both awesome stuff from my Target register. As an added bonus, if Madelyn outgrown them or gets to where she doesn't need them, they will be great scrap storage stuff!! MJ (and Dan) sent a closet organizer and Liz sent a set of wicker baskets. Thanks again girls (and Dan)!!

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