Swimming and Embroidery

Not too much happening here, but I'm trying to blog more. Madelyn and I went swimming her Aunt Cheryl Sunday. Madelyn had a great time. She kicked and splashed for quite some time. I then held her on her stomach like she was swimming. She held her head up like the big girl she is already become.

Isn't she just the cutest ever?!?!

I've gotten some embroidery done. I have actually bought some appliqué fonts and started do that some.

A burp cloth I made for Emma. The E is appliqué and her name is just embroidered. I downloaded the name from Free Name Library . They have every name you can imagine spelt anyway you can think of. The best part, it's free!!

I made the burp cloth and appliquéd/embroidered it. Ignore the mess around it. That is my scrap table that I can't seem to find cause stuff keeps getting piled on top of it.


Momma Twitch said...

WAY CUTE! What kind of machine to you have that does all the embroidering?

Michelle said...

Very cool! Love that photo of Madelyn. Glad she enjoys the water. Hope to chat with you online today in a bit. :D Those embroidery projects are beautiful!

NurseDeah said...

OMG, how cute is she? I love it.

And BTW... yea, not EVERY name imaginable on that website :( I'm always left out. lol

Momyoung said...

She is the cutiest ever! We want your machine!