July so far

July's been a pretty busy month. We kicked it off at the beach. Thanks to our wonderful host, the Youngs. Company was great, food was better!! We left home early Friday morning so that we were there in time to see the fireworks show that evening. They live in just the right place so we were able to see Pensacola Beach fireworks and Santa Rosa (I think that was the second place) show. We were surrounded by fireworks! It was lots of fun.

That's Madelyn watching the fireworks show. Her Grandmother made the flag dress for her. She didn't really care about the fireworks, she actually went to sleep not long after the picture.

Saturday we headed to the beach. The water was a bit cool, so we didn't let Madelyn get in. She slept in her stroller on the beach. Rio doesn't do the beach but had to go, so he sat up with Madelyn. Blake and Chandler went with us as well. Chandler really enjoyed the water once he let go of the death grip he had on his daddy.

If you look you can see Chandler waving at Wesley.

While we were swimming Wesley and Tot saw a fin. Their first thought was shark, turned out it was dolphins. We watched for a while and saw several. Further out than the first ones we saw some jumping. It was neat to watch.

We came home Sunday and had a good relaxing trip!!

I've gotten quite a bit of embroidery done. I have to change computers to upload pictures of my stuff. If you have myspace check out the pictures there. Misty's Myspace (you have to be my friend to see my pictures, so if you arent my friend send me a request!!) I'll try to get pictures uploaded later tonight or tomorrow.

Madelyn has begun making lots of noises and responding with sounds when we talk to her. It is the cutest sound ever!! I'm going to try to remember to video it next time.


Michelle said...

Oh I would love to see a video of Madelyn! Loved seeing the pictures. SO cool that you saw dolphins!

Vickilyn said...

Your daughter is SUCH a CUTIE!!! Love the dress too!