Blog hop and Summary Sunday

Let's start today's post with a big THANK YOU to our men and women of the armed forces. Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms we have.

The Girl Creative

I'm participating in another blog hop. I couldn't find the specific button, but that is a button for their main page. There are a lot of crafty links there with lots of awesome projects.

The long weekend threw me off, so I didn't realize it was Sunday. I'm going to do my Sunday Summary tonight. Last week was pretty uneventful. MK has yet another cold. I took her to the doctor on Monday. It was a new doctor that we wont be visiting again. The office staff were all great, but the doctor herself was horrible. I'm really starting to think the Plague Princess' (so dearly named by Lori) many colds might in actuality be allergies. I put this concern on the "why are you here" paper work. The doctor was in and out so fast I didn't have time to express my concerns. She prescribed some cough medicine and sent us on our way. Luckily there has been no fever, just cough and snot. I left work early to take her to the doctor. It worked out well because I ended up working late with some of our teens. We have a set of sisters that I've worked with a lot lately. The had run away over the weekend and I didn't find out until Monday morning. I talked them into telling me where they were about 430. Of course they were across town and it took me about 40 minutes to get to them. I then had to take them back to their placements. MK and I got home about 8ish.

Me, Lori and the Plague Princess at the Tampa Yankees game last week.

Tuesday Ian came to play while his mom went to volleyball. This happens most Tuesdays. We love when Ian comes to play! Wednesday we had gymnastics. MK was horrible!! We actually left at one point, but went back in to let her have a second chance. She was somewhat better, but still pretty whiny. Thursday was pretty uneventful, or at least it must have been because I don't remember anything about it. Friday I expected to get off early because we have gotten off early EVERY Friday prior to a holiday since I've worked at Camelot. We did NOT get off. BOO!! Saturday we had a lazy day at home and did some cleaning and preparing for the BBQ we had on Sunday. Sunday we hosted a Memorial Day BBQ. There were probably 25 adults and kids here. It was lots of great fun with friends. Today MK and I went to North Tampa to my friend Kim's house. Kim and I did some sewing/Embroidery while the kiddos played.

MK posing a few weeks ago on our Tarpon Springs adventure we took with Lori.


Krystina said...

Love that dress MK is wearing on the Tarpon excurion. So adorable. We need to get the kids together soon! :)

Christine said...

I heart Tarpon Springs Sponge Dock!