Spring Break 2014 part 1

It's been a while since Spring Break meant anything other than less traffic on the way to work. With MK starting school this year, we had to make plans for her Spring Break. Wes is in the New Jersey/New York area, so we decided MK and I would fly up to see him.

Day 1
We started early on Sunday 3/8 with out flight leaving Tampa at 7:55 am. It was MK's first time flying.

 She was excited. She had a window seat and looked out the window a good portion of the trip. We had plenty of stuff to keep her occupied. I forgot to get gum but the lady next to me gave her some to chew as we took off and landed. Wes picked us up from the airport in NJ about 1030. Since it was still early in the day, we decided we would go ahead and spend some time in the NYC. We found somewhere to park near the train station in Newark and caught the PATH train to NYC. MK and I had to put on warmer clothes, so we added layers in the parking lot. There were mounds of snows everywhere. Snow was on the top of MK's to see list, so she ran up to the top of a pile and posed for some pictures. 

Once there, we had no plan. MK could see the Empire State Building as soon as we hit the street, so we walked toward it. We walked through Times Square, saw Rockefeller Plaza and headed to Central Park. We thought about going to the zoo at Central Park, but it was 330 when we got there and they closed at 430. So instead we grabbed some hot cocoa and headed back to Penn Station to catch the train back to our car. Mk fell asleep on two different trains, luckily she was in my lap.

stopping to pose for a family picture on the way to Central Park

Day 2
We got up fairly early and drove up to the train station and caught the train back into NYC. We decided we wanted to go to New York Public Library and then play it by ear. We also wanted to eat some NY pizza. We found what looked like a hole in the wall and had some delicious pizza. After eating we headed through Bryant Park to the library. On the way there we saw a statue, Wes asked "I wonder who that statue is of?". Mk replied, "some old dead guy, I'm sure".  It was hilarious! 

We went in a side door of the library right at the children's room. MK was in heaven with all those books! We just walked around and looked at the decorations then headed upstairs to the main floor. We saw that there was a library tour beginning at 2. It was about 1, so we decided to walk around for a bit and come back at 2. There is a ABC of Children's Literature exhibit.

 It was so interesting. I took lots of pictures. There were parts of the exhibit that kept MK's attention better than others. They had the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals on display as well as the parasol that was the inspiration for Mary Poppins.  At 2 we headed to the tour. It didn't keep MK's attention very long so I took her back to the children's area to read while Wes finished the tour. It was about an hour. MK found a book to read and headed to the reading area. She read half of it while we were waiting and wanted to take it with her.

She was reading about the 1st book. I don't remember what exactly it was.
interactive wall that you could spell 3 letter words using each vowel
Really old copy of Cat in the Hat

Part of the Alice in Wonderland display. her neck would grow up to the key then shrink back down.

this display is usually in the Children's room but it was moved upstairs to the Children's Literature exhibit
Original stuffed animals that were the inspiration for the Winnie the Pooh characters

After the library we headed to the American Girl store. This is 3 stories of doll heaven (or hell, depending how you look at it). The bottom floor features the Girl of the Year and tons of accessories for all the girls. There is also a book section here. MK stayed at the books for quite some time. We headed to the 2nd floor to find the American history through the dolls. Each of these dolls tell a story about what happened in their era of history. MK had the Josephina doll, so she got to see her in all her different outfits. They had 3 different Josephina books. MK thought she was going to get a doll or doll clothes, so she didn't want a book. She ended up with nothing. The top floor had a cafe that you can eat with your dolls. We didn't go in. There was also an area for the Bitty Baby by American Girl. They also had a photo area that you could take pictures of your doll and print a cover of the American Girl magazine with your picture on it.

After American Girl we walked around a bit more. We went in the NBC Studio store. They were getting ready to film an episode of Late Night. I looked into it before we went to see if we could do any audiences, but you had to be 16 for more and 18 for the rest. We watched some more ice skating. MK really wanted to ice skate, but we didn't do it. I tried roller skating with her not long ago, no way was I ice skating with her! We walked through the Lego Store. The one in Orlando is much bigger and better laid out. After that we headed back toward Penn Station to catch the train back to our car.

This post is long enough. I'll do another one with Tuesday and Wednesday. Sneak peak... we went to Jersey Shore and Crayola Experience.

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