Spring Break 2014 part 2

Day 3
Wes had to work on Tuesday, so MK and I ventured out on our own. With advice from a friend, we drove over to Point Pleasant on the Jersey Shore. It was about a 2 hour drive. The way Garmin took us, was very scenic.

The beach was pretty empty. We ate lunch at Martells Tiki Bar then headed down to the ocean. MK began picking up sea shells almost immediately. I don't think I got any pictures of the shells, but here she is checking out the sand. 

I then talked her into putting her feet in the water to see how cold it was. This didn't end well! She pulled her pants legs up so they wouldn't get wet, but forgot to take her flip flops off. As she turned to come back towards me both flops floated away. This caused a MAJOR meltdown. Being the good mom that I am, I walked in the edge to get them. Dumb me, didn't take my flops off and they too floated off! I put all the stuff I was holding down on the beach by MK and walked back to get all 4 shoes. I was able to grab one of mine and one of MK's flops. I threw them back up onto the beach and went to grab the other ones. A wave came in and knocked me down. I am now completely soaked and freezing. I was able to grab my other flop and get safely back to the shore. MK was VERY upset as her other flop floated out to sea. As we walked back to the car (the long way because I was soaking wet and couldn't walk through the restaurant) MK told me it was the worst day ever. I walked bare-footed because I let MK wear my flops. As you can see from the above picture, it was very shell-y. We got back to the car and I magically changed clothes in the backseat. We then headed back to the hotel.

After I warmed up and Wes got back from working, we let MK go play in the snow outside the hotel. There was a big area between the parking lot and the road that still had tons of snow. Per MK, it was "slushy" not "fluffy" snow. It was a fairly warm day, so she didn't wear a jacket or gloves. She tried to pick up the snow to make snowballs but wasn't very successful. Wes did throw a few at her. She played about 15 minutes before the wind got to crazy.

Day 4
Wes had to work again on Wednesday and it was suppose to get super cold, so MK and I wanted to find something inside to do. A few people had recommended the Crayola Experience/Factory just over the border in Pennsylvania. I bought tickets online and we headed to Easton, PA. The Crayola Experience is 4 floors of Crayola fun. MK has told several people this was her favorite part of the trip.

 She played in the clay area for a long time. As part of our admission we got 6 coins. I wasn't sure what all cost coins, so I only let her spend one per activity to start with. She of course choice purple clay.
 She made crayons. Well she actually she typed what she wanted on the label and got to wrap the label around the crayon.
 This machine made a marker. She pushed all the buttons to make it put the ink in then it capped it and gave it to her.
completed marker

 We colored different space objects on an ipad then sent it to this wall. MK is pointing out her spaceship on the wall. It was very interactive and interacted several kids objects at the same time.
 There were several melted crayon activities. She used a crayon to make this ring. We also painted with melted wax. She did some melted wax spin art. The entire 4th floor was for activities with melted wax.

In the cafe they had a timeline of crayons. MK requested that I take her picture with Courage. He was born in 2008 like her. She asked that I take a picture and send it to Mrs. Aquino. 

Thursday was the coldest day we were there. There were a few snow flurries and VERY cold wind. We didn't do much other than get food on Thursday. Wes was off, so we just hung out in the hotel. We did walk to Subway and almost froze in the 2 minute walk. Later that night we went to Applebee's for dinner.

Friday we took Wes to the farm to get his truck. It was still cold so Wes ended up not being able to take plants. We ended up hanging out at the farm for a while. MK had a blast. There are several cats that live at the farm. She loves cats, so she was super excited that there were 2 very friendly cats that came up to her as soon as she squatted down. After we left the farm we ate at White Castle. We then went and watched Peabody and Mr. Sherman. It was a good movie. It was a cartoon so it kept MK's attention, but had lots of history in it. We were the only ones in the theater. After that we met a longtime friend (that I've only met once before) and her daughters for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The girls were shy most of dinner. Poor Cynthia wouldn't eat with us there.

Since Wes didn't work Friday, he had to work Saturday. We were talking about it at dinner and decided to meet up with Cathy and the girls to go to the Statue of Liberty. Good thing Cathy went. I had no idea where to go!

Ferry ride from Jersey City to Ellis Island

Audio tour. She was the only one that listened to it this far in. She was very interested in the Underground Railroad because she had learned about it at school.

Cathy and her girls on the ferry ride from Ellis Island to Statue of Liberty

This was from the ferry.

This was from the base of the Statue

NYC skyline from pedestal of the Statue

looking up from the feet of the Statue. The clouds were moving and it made it look like the Statue was swaying.

looking up to the crown from the pedestal on the inside.

While at the Statue, we ate lunch. I had the most DELISH hot chocolate ever. It was white chocolate hot chocolate. I have never seen it anywhere else. I might have to make another trip to the Statue just for the hot chocolate. We missed our ferry from the Statue back to Jersey City, so we had to wait 45 minutes in the freezing wind. The temperature wasn't bad that day, but the wind was insane!

After the Statue, we headed back to the hotel and began packing. We had a very early flight and the airport was about 45 minutes from the hotel. We left the hotel at about 345 to get to the airport. It took longer to get through security at Newark than it did at Tampa that prior week. There was a nice lady in front of us that kept MK entertained while we waited in line. We had a layover in Charlotte, NC. It was just long enough to get to our new gate and grab a snack. Our seats were not next to each other on the 2nd leg. Luckily a nice guy changed seats with me. I'm not sure if it was a nice gesture or he didn't want to sit by a 5 year old! Either way, we were together.

Once we got home we laid around for a while. About 5 we headed to Charann's to get my check and grab a bite to eat. About the time we got there the Carters invited us to dinner. We headed over there and hung out for a bit.

Spring Break was officially over and we had to get ready for a full week of school and work.

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