Princess Angel Butterfly,

[This is the 3rd of blog to Madyson for her 9th Birthday. Read part 1 and part 2. We blogged to keep everyone updated while Maddy was in the hospital. Thanks to our friend Matt; he set up the blog all those years ago and then was able to retrieve it last year for me. You can read that here. Warning, it is long and raw.]

I mentioned earlier that you had a EEG the end of January to determine if you were having seizures. You were started on new medication that had to be given at specific times. The night of Feb 1st you and Daddy went to bed about 9. Your crib was in our room but Daddy sometime put you in the bed with him until I came to bed. You needed your next dose of medicine about 11 pm, so I was staying up to give it to you. I was working on pages for your scrapbook. I went in to give you your meds and move you to your crib. When I went to pick you up I noticed you had a diaper blow out so I was getting ready to clean you. I noticed your lips were blue and you were cold. I woke Daddy up to help me and we realized you weren't breathing. I called 911 and Daddy started CPR. It took what seemed like FOREVER for them to get there. They quickly got you in the ambulance and transported you to the Elba Hospital. The staff there was great. They worked with you for almost an hour but couldn't help you start breathing again.

Chandler was your biggest fan

Again, you had so many people that loved you. There was a minimum of 20 people at the ER with us in the middle of the night. Once the doctor told us you had passed, Daddy and I decided we didn't want to be at our house. We went to Grandma's house to sleep. The next few days were a blur.  We planned a funeral, a Super Bowl party and celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  We stayed in Opp because it was easier and we didn't really want to be home. Beth and Lulu cleaned our house and packed up all your stuff. The put it all in your room and closed the door so we could go in there when we were ready. It was a while before we were ready. I knew I wanted to bury you in the Beulah Cemetery next to my sister Holly (she died the same day she was born in 1987). We have lots of other family members buried there too, including Grandpa.

Family Picture

We had so many people supporting us and helping us through the worst times of our lives. I'm not sure we would have gotten anything done if it wasn't for our family and friends. We really do have some of the best friends ever. I was looking through your scrapbook earlier and saw the pages we had as the guest book at the funeral. WOW is all I can say. There are 2 pages front and back of messages and signatures from people that cared about you and wanted to say good-bye.

one of my favorite pictures

After the funeral we needed to de-stress a bit and wanted to hang with some of our friends that had traveled to be there with us. We invite people back to our house for a Super Bowl party. I have no idea who played or if we even watched the game. We hung out and enjoyed company of awesome people who loved you as much as we loved you. The day after your funeral was mine and Daddy's 2nd anniversary. I have no idea how we celebrated or if we did.

The page I was working on Feb 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Princess Angel Butterfly!

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