For those that didn't know, Madyson and Madelyn have the same initials. Madyson Klaire and Madelyn Kate. With both their names typically being shortened to Mady and Madyson already going by that nickname, early on we called Madelyn MK to avoid confusion. I have always referred to Madelyn by MK online because it is just easier. It just stuck. When she started daycare there was another Madelyn in her class (she didn't stick around long though) so I told them they could call her MK. All her friends from daycare called her MK. I'm not sure they knew her name. When she got ready to start kindergarten she told me she wanted to be called Madelyn Kate, so that's what we told her teacher. It didn't stick around when her new teacher started in October. There were a few kids from preschool in her class and they called her MK, part of the class called her Madelyn Kate and others called her Madelyn. Luckily she's a go with the flow girl and answers to it all! As she has gotten involved in more things, people have occasionally called her Mady. She answers to that too. She has mentioned in the last few months that she wants to go by Mady. I don't think she has told anyone to call her that, but she does answer to it.

MK is 2 years and 6 days younger than Mady. They never met but you wouldn't know that by talking to MK. We have always talked about Mady and answered any questions MK has about her. Almost every time we go to Alabama we go by the cemetery. MK has a bear she calls "Madyson Bear" that Aunt Stacy sent to Mady's funeral. For the last year-ish, she has slept with it almost every night. When she is sleeping away from home, Madyson Bear goes with her. Last week I had gotten Madyson's scrapbook out to look at it. MK has seen it several times but was very interested in looking at it again. We spent Thursday evening after soccer looking at it. She asked lots of questions and wanted to know more. I love being able to talk to her about her sister and how special she was.

Every year since MK was 4 (I thought I started sooner, but only found them starting at 4) I've asked her the same questions. I've asked her this year and will post them in the next blog. Here are the years past
I didn't ask questions but did a 2 year old post.
3 year old was a combined post about both girls birthdays.
 I must have started the questions at  Age 4
I missed 5 some how, so here is 5.5
I later found 5 on my phone (I need to get them onto a blog, so they are below)
and last but not least 6 years old.

Come back tomorrow for 7 year old answers. It will have lots of pictures too!


Questions asked when MK was 5. interesting to see how much they changed from 5-5.5
Here are the questions I asked her:

What is your favorite color?
Pink & purple

What is your favorite toy?
My phone and kindle

What is your favorite fruit?

What is your favorite tv show?
My little pony littlest pet shop

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Dinosaur and butterfly cut out sandwiches

What is your favorite game?
Cinderella royal ball

What is your favorite thing to wear?

Favorite snack?

Favorite animal?
Dogs and cats

Favorite song?
We are never ever ever getting back together by Taylor Swift

Favorite book?
Lucky Stars

Who is your best friend?
Gabriella and Rachel and Brenner and Nicholas and Ian

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Coco pebbles

What is your favorite think to do outside?
Play in swings and slide

Favorite drink?
Milk and water

Favorite Holiday?

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?
Lulu, ruffy and scratty

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A prima ballerina, a pet take career and a princess

Where is your favorite place to go?
Opp, Alabama and Troy

What is something Mommy always says?
Go to sleep

What is something Daddy always says?
Love you and go to sleep

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