Halloween Horror Nights 17

So I've been a bad blogger. I haven't updated since shortly after I got back from California. Not too much has happened until this past weekend. I went with a group to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights 17 at Universal studios. We had a blast.

This is the group that went to HHN17 on Friday night. I'll try to name everyone in order..starting in the back from left to right, then front right to left...
Stephanie, Tony, David, Sara, Joey, Gina, Beth, Nickie, Geoffrey, Wesley, Me, Lauren and Brother.

On Saturday, the group minus Sara, Beth and Joey went to Islands of Adventures.

This is the coaster riders on the Hulk. Geoffery, Tony, Lauren and I didn't ride most of the coaster rides because we get pukey. So we held stuff and took pictures. We got soaked on the water rides and it was great. For some reason I can ride water rides and not get sick. Pop-eye was the funniest to me, but you get the wettest on it....down to my under clothes.

We ended the weekend Sunday back at Universal, this time to enjoy the park without the haunted houses. We went to most of the attractions.

This is Me, Brother and Lauren waiting in line for Shrek 4D.

I took Monday off, thinking we would get up and head home and then I'd have time to recuperate....WRONG! We had to get mementos for friends and family that wasn't there. We thought we could get them at the little shops along the strip...WRONG again! Because of licensing, Universal stuff is only sold at Universal. So after several stops, we headed back to City Walk (just outside Universal/Island of Adventure) to get stuff and eat before heading home. We ate at Margarittaville. It was yummy. Most everyone got drinks in a souviner glass. Wesley informed me today it is a good beer stein. We didn't get home til about 2 am, and yes I worked today...so I am tired and going to bed now.

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So I got my scrap stuff out with plans of doing a little scrapping. I pulled out some of the bigger stuff and kept finding buttons everywhere. I was like, wtf where are all these buttons coming from? Soon I realize not only were there buttons everywhere but also flowers and chipboard. After about an hour of sorting stuff I thought to take a picture to share.

I finally gave up sorting the buttons and put them in a ziplock bag. I'll get back to them. It is about half a quart size bag left to sort.

Tagged again

I've Been Tagged (The Fours)

I was tagged by this whore named Kristi so I guess I better do it!

Here are the Fours.....

Job's I've Had:
1.Dairy Queen- It was my first job. I started working just after I turned 16 and stayed there until the summer after I graduated from high school. I had lots of great friends from the DQ and am sad to report it is no longer around.
2. Student worker- This is a two in one description. I first worked in the Distance Learning office but they did not need a worker after about a year of working there. I then went to the Counseling and Adaptive needs office to finish out my college years. I worked there for 3 years. Had tons of fun and got paid for it. We did a little work, but not too much.
3. Brittany's Restaurant- This has been my most favorite job. I started out as a server/waitress. I also bartended, played hostess and cooked. I worked here just over 2 years and made many life long friends. This is also where I met Wesley. After graduating college and moving to Opelika, I would often visit Brittany's when I was in Troy. One weekend I came through and it was a Chinesse Buffet. It was a sad day to see my favortie place no longer around.
4. Social worker- My first professional job was at Lee County DHR. I was a foster care worker. My case load was mostly teenagers that had been in car for a while and were going to be in care until they aged out. I loved working with this population. It was a great place to work, but a little to far from home. We spent more money in gas driving home on the weekends than we had. I also worked at Pike County DHR for a short time. I am now a social worker at the Health Department. It has been a great experience so far.

Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Grease
3. Old School
4. Any Harry Potter

TV Shows I Watch:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Heroes
3. Law & Order--any
4. Weeds

Places I've Lived:
1. Opp
2. Troy
3. Opelika
4. Weekhubberton (aka the cornfeld outside Elba)

Favorite Foods:
1. Pork Chops
2. Hash brown casserole
3. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Cereal

Favorite Colors:
1. Purple
2. Pink
3. Green
4. Blue

Places I'd Love to Be Now:
1. I'm good here

Names I like but would not use for my children:
1. Jayme
2. Ryan (for a girl)
3. Alyssa
4. Lee

Now I'm Tagging:
1. MJ
2. Kelly
3. Aja
4. UC

Home at last

So I've finally made it home from California. It was a really good trip. The flight there was great, especially for my first time flying. I had a great time with the whores. I, unlike some, got a lot done. I'd post pictures, but don't have my stuff to take pictures of...more on that a little later. The view was awesome.

MJ took me to see and get pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a neat touristy thing to do before heading home. We almost took too long, but made it to the airport just in time. After checking in and getting through security, I walked right up to the gate as my group was loading. We get in the air with no problems, until we get near Dallas. There was a thunderstorm in Dallas and we had to circle for what seemed like forever. Well this caused us to run low on fuel. We were sent to Oklahoma City to get more fuel. After circling forever then having to go to Oklahoma City and wait for a ground crew to re-fuel us, we did not land in Dallas til about 8:45. My flight to Birmingham was scheduled to leave at 8:25. We were told while circling that all flights out of Dallas were delayed and we should have no problems making out connections. So my two hour delay was apparantly not enough. The flight to Birmingham left without me, and several others. After finally finding someone to point us in the right direction, I was told that the next flight to Birmingham wasn't until 9:15 in the morning. I had already talked to Wesley and knew he was in Birmingham already. So the ticket clerk looked for other flights to near by airports. There was a flight to Atlanta at 9:10. Thank goodness it had plenty of seats on it. I was able to get on it. So I called Wesley and he drove the several additional hours to Atlanta. I finally made it to the plane and it appeared we were getting ready to taxi to the run way. A few last minute passengers boarded. This one lady came to the seat behind me. She was a bit rude, and actually took the bag of the man sitting next to me out of the over head to make room for her own bag. After a few minutes a secuirty guy came to this lady and asked her to get her stuff and go with him. She was rude and demanding to know why. He was very professional and told her he would explain when she was off the plane. She did not go with him. He came back a second time and nicely asked her to get off the plane. She again did not leave. She then began talking to the passengers sitting beside her telling them how badly American Airlines employees have been to her over the last 48 hours. After sitting for what seemed like forever, a flight attendant came to talk to the lady. She told her that the police had been called and she should make it easier on herself and get off the plane. The flight attendant was very matter of fact and professional with the lady. She finally got the point and left the plane. So after sitting for about 45 minutes waiting on this lady to get off the plane, we were finally ready to leave. I landed in Atlanta about midnight Alabama time. Wesley had a project to finish for school, so we drove most of the night and got home about 3 am.

Now I'm off to call the airline to find my luggage and hopefully have it delivered to me.