Halloween Horror Nights 17

So I've been a bad blogger. I haven't updated since shortly after I got back from California. Not too much has happened until this past weekend. I went with a group to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights 17 at Universal studios. We had a blast.

This is the group that went to HHN17 on Friday night. I'll try to name everyone in order..starting in the back from left to right, then front right to left...
Stephanie, Tony, David, Sara, Joey, Gina, Beth, Nickie, Geoffrey, Wesley, Me, Lauren and Brother.

On Saturday, the group minus Sara, Beth and Joey went to Islands of Adventures.

This is the coaster riders on the Hulk. Geoffery, Tony, Lauren and I didn't ride most of the coaster rides because we get pukey. So we held stuff and took pictures. We got soaked on the water rides and it was great. For some reason I can ride water rides and not get sick. Pop-eye was the funniest to me, but you get the wettest on it....down to my under clothes.

We ended the weekend Sunday back at Universal, this time to enjoy the park without the haunted houses. We went to most of the attractions.

This is Me, Brother and Lauren waiting in line for Shrek 4D.

I took Monday off, thinking we would get up and head home and then I'd have time to recuperate....WRONG! We had to get mementos for friends and family that wasn't there. We thought we could get them at the little shops along the strip...WRONG again! Because of licensing, Universal stuff is only sold at Universal. So after several stops, we headed back to City Walk (just outside Universal/Island of Adventure) to get stuff and eat before heading home. We ate at Margarittaville. It was yummy. Most everyone got drinks in a souviner glass. Wesley informed me today it is a good beer stein. We didn't get home til about 2 am, and yes I worked today...so I am tired and going to bed now.

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Michelle said...

Happy Halloween! Looks like you had a great time. I missed you this weekend on messenger! Thanks for posting some pictures. I've missed you blogging. I laughed when you wrote that you got wet, even your under garments. Cute :). Sorry you didn't get much sleep. Hope you can make it up on your lunch break.