Broke Toe and OB appointment

So I neglected to tell about my broke toe in my last blog. So Saturday we went to the Bateman's for football and some video games. The Bateman's bathroom door sometimes sticks and locks people in. Luckily they have other doors to the room. Well apparently someone didn't go unlock the door after they got locked in. I was going through the bedroom to the bathroom, when Nickie said something to me. I turned to talk to her and ran into the bed. I said a few choice words and told everyone I thought I had broken my toe. It hurt off and on all night, but nothing major. Sunday when I got up I couldn't hardly put pressure on that foot. My middle toe is all purple and black. I managed to get shoes on to go to Carmen's baby shower. The pain stopped after a few minutes of wearing shoes. I limped around at the shower and Wal-mart, but made it. Today my toe was really purple, but did not hurt unless I put pressure on at the wrong angle. I suppose it is getting better.

I went to the OB today. Not much to report. Go read my pregnancy blog for more details!


Michelle said...

Hope your toe stops hurting soon. I totally forgot that you had a pregnancy blog. oops!

Mrs. Chez said...

lol nice, I didn't know you had a prego blog too! sheesh I can't keep up.

Boriquaz said...

Ouch, I've banged my toe many a times but never have they turned purple .. did u get that checked out?