work is almost back to normal. I'm not sure I know what normal is because we have been short a worker or had other crazy stuff going on since I moved to the waiver program. I hear it should be better by August.

Wesley is getting close to graduation and looking at jobs. We know he won't be able to get one in Alabama, so we are prepared to move. At the moment he is thinking the Austin area. None of my whores are there but I think I could survive. Raquel is only about 4 hours from Austin in Dallas.

Madelyn attended her first wedding last weekend. She slept through the entire thing, which was fine with me cause it meant she didn't cry.

The first picture from l to r Grandma, Mom with Madelyn and Me. The second of course, Me and MK. My aunt Glenda also attended but she was the photographer.

Madelyn also started laughing and smiling over the last week or so. She really reacts to her Daddy.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. She was laughing at the camera flash.

We've got several new pictures of Madelyn. I'll try to get them upload to flickr this weekend. I'll post a link when I get them up.

I'm a comment whore and need some love, so if you are reading this be sure to leave a comment and let me know, Please!!


Momma Twitch said...

lol It's always nice to get comments! :) beautiful pictures. She looks great!

Momyoung said...

Who got married? I love the new pics of Madelyn... she is to funny.

Boriquaz said...

OMG She is absolutley adorable ... I love that age ... I miss it. Enjoy it completely cause once they hit 2 or close to it it's all downhill from there LOL. jk

Kristi said...

What a whore.

Michelle said...

I thought I commented on this a long time ago... Love the pictures. I want more! :D