it's a long one

I've been meaning to blog for quite sometime now, but every time I thought about it I wasn't where I could upload pictures and boy do I have some pictures.

Since my last blog Brother and Gina came to visit for our class reunion. Yes my Brother and I graduated together. No we are not twins. I am only 10 months older and my birthday was late so I had to wait to start. We also graduated with 3 1st cousins. Brother and Gina got in on Thursday night. We went out to eat then hung out for a little bit. I had to work Friday so we didn't get to hang out too long. Brother and Gina, with the help of Lauren, kept Madelyn Friday.

That is Brother givin MK what I'm sure is great advice!

Friday night we ate spaghetti at Grandma's then headed back to Troy for some fun times at the Double Branch (a local bar for you whores that didn't know).

The first pictures are the girls. I'm not sure of the order cause I'm not looking at the picture, but Me, Jess, Gina and Nickie. The second is the guys, again not so sure of the order Brother, Joseph, Wesley, Geoffry and Blake.

Saturday we headed back to Opp to get ready for the reunion. I was on the planning committee and Brother was our class President. I don't have many pictures from the picnic cause I had to empty my memory card on Brother's laptop and he hasn't sent them to me yet.

The planning committee... Kerri, Amy, Me and Allison. None of which were class officers!!

Classmates that attended the evening event.

We had a great time. It was good catching up with old friends. We've mostly reconnected via mypsace or facebook so hopefully the next 10 years won't be so out of touch.

We also went to the beach/the Young's house (my cousin) for the 4th. I'll blog about it later.

I'll leave you with a picture of Madelyn Kate and her cute little smile that lights up her entire face, and mine!!


Michelle said...

Aww, yay! I love pictures and your blog posts. Looks like the reunion was great! I think its funny that you call your brother "brother." Is that a joke or does he not have a normal name? ;) Madelyn is adorable!

Boriquaz said...

Looks like you had a great time. I don't think I've ever gone to school with so many damn relatives lol. And MK is too cute in that last picture. Oh gotta love this stage when they are super young. I miss it.

Momyoung said...

That has to be the cutest picture ever!