Madelyn Kate is 2

Madelyn turned two on April 15th. It is hard to believe she is so grown! We started the day singing Happy Birthday to her. She wore her birthday outfit to school on Thursday.

I made her shirt and added the ruffle to the bottom of her pants. Natalie and I also made her bows for her pigtails, but she didn't have them when this picture was taken.

Wesley flew in from Nebraska mid morning. We went to Target to finish up buying stuff form MK's party. We also bought her gift from us. We bought her the Disney Princess Barbies. We also got cupcakes for her class. We went to school and surprised her with her Daddy. She was SSOO excited! She just stared at him the entire time. She didn't really want to eat her cupcake because she was too busy staring at Wesley.

We went out to eat that night with Brother at Chili's. Natalie wasn't feeling so well so she stayed home and rested. MK would not let me hold her or get her out of the car. She only wanted her Daddy. It was super cute and sweet.

Mom, Lulu, Michelle, Wyatt and Haiely got here about 2:15 am. The left Alabama about 6:30 and drove through the night. Wyatt was a bit fussy when he got here, which woke MK up. She was up for SEVERAL hours. We hung out Friday morning and then headed over to Clearwater Beach for lunch. Hailey (Michelle's 6 year old daughter) was all about the beach and requested to eat lunch on the beach. MK kept calling her Kailey instead of Hailey.

It was Wyatt's 1st beach trip. He liked the water, even though it was super cold. The kids had a great time. The girls played in the sand and were covered from head to toe! We went straight to the bath when we got home.

Friday night Natalie's family came over to meet our family. Brother grilled some yummy steaks and chicken. Natalie made some awesome sides and we had a good time hanging out.

Saturday started with Natalie making breakfast. MK ate 3 helpings of eggs. That girl loves to eat! The girls played all morning. Wesley attempted to put MK down for a nap after lunch, but she wasn't having it. We all headed over to the park about 230 to get ready for the party.

I was skeptical about how MK would behave since she had no nap, but she was great. She was starting to get a little fussy toward the end, but I think she was getting hungry.

The party was lots of fun. MK got lots of gifts and had lots of friends there. I think there were 15 or so kids and 20+ adults.

Crowd shot!

Lori made the awesome cupcakes! She did a great job. Everyone raved about how yummy they were. They were also super cute.

Uncle Jay helped MK blow out her candles. I'm not sure who blew harder...

Opening gifts. She was too funny when she opened them. Clothes she would just hand to me, toys she wanted to open right away and play with.

This is just too great of a picture not to share!!!

It was a great weekend that came to an end too soon!

***I was trying to add pictures, but imageshack is not cooperating! Hopefully it'll work later and I can add them***

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Katie said...

happy birthday! she's sooo cute! i love her little expressions