Blog hop and Summary Sunday

Let's start today's post with a big THANK YOU to our men and women of the armed forces. Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms we have.

The Girl Creative

I'm participating in another blog hop. I couldn't find the specific button, but that is a button for their main page. There are a lot of crafty links there with lots of awesome projects.

The long weekend threw me off, so I didn't realize it was Sunday. I'm going to do my Sunday Summary tonight. Last week was pretty uneventful. MK has yet another cold. I took her to the doctor on Monday. It was a new doctor that we wont be visiting again. The office staff were all great, but the doctor herself was horrible. I'm really starting to think the Plague Princess' (so dearly named by Lori) many colds might in actuality be allergies. I put this concern on the "why are you here" paper work. The doctor was in and out so fast I didn't have time to express my concerns. She prescribed some cough medicine and sent us on our way. Luckily there has been no fever, just cough and snot. I left work early to take her to the doctor. It worked out well because I ended up working late with some of our teens. We have a set of sisters that I've worked with a lot lately. The had run away over the weekend and I didn't find out until Monday morning. I talked them into telling me where they were about 430. Of course they were across town and it took me about 40 minutes to get to them. I then had to take them back to their placements. MK and I got home about 8ish.

Me, Lori and the Plague Princess at the Tampa Yankees game last week.

Tuesday Ian came to play while his mom went to volleyball. This happens most Tuesdays. We love when Ian comes to play! Wednesday we had gymnastics. MK was horrible!! We actually left at one point, but went back in to let her have a second chance. She was somewhat better, but still pretty whiny. Thursday was pretty uneventful, or at least it must have been because I don't remember anything about it. Friday I expected to get off early because we have gotten off early EVERY Friday prior to a holiday since I've worked at Camelot. We did NOT get off. BOO!! Saturday we had a lazy day at home and did some cleaning and preparing for the BBQ we had on Sunday. Sunday we hosted a Memorial Day BBQ. There were probably 25 adults and kids here. It was lots of great fun with friends. Today MK and I went to North Tampa to my friend Kim's house. Kim and I did some sewing/Embroidery while the kiddos played.

MK posing a few weeks ago on our Tarpon Springs adventure we took with Lori.

Dress redo

So I didnt make it to get my "Who's who Wednesday", perhaps next week! Natalie was getting rid of some clothes that she wasn't going to wear any more. She had originally bought it to turn into a duct tape outfit. As she was throwing it away, she asked if I wanted it to make something for MK. I took it and have transformed it.

MK posing. She thought it was fun to stand on the table to take pictures.

here's the back and more poses!

We are having a Memorial Day bbq tomorrow and Monday I am headed to a friends house to sew so be prepared for more projects!

Not Me Monday

So I'm playing along with the Not Me Monday blog hop that MckMama is hosting. When you get done reading here jump on over there and see what others didn't do.

I did NOT forget to take MKs blanket to daycare and we were NOT running late so she almost missed breakfast, nope NOT me. I got to work with an almost dead cell phone. I get a text from a coworker about some of our teens that had run away over the weekend. I did NOT spend all morning trying to negotiate with a 15 and 16 year old. I did NOT drive for 2 hours to pick them up and take them back to their placements. I am NOT 100% committed to them. I am NOT concerned more for them than any kids I've ever worked with. Nope NOT me!

Summary Sunday

Be impressed, this is my 3rd blog since Wednesday. I hope to keep the pace up and eventually get to daily post. I was reading Mom Nonstop's blog the other day and I have to agree with her theme post. So I'm going to try to come up with a theme for each day of the week. Lots of other bloggers do this and it is fun to follow. I'm open to ideas, so leave me some comments with them. I think I'm going to start on Wednesday with "Who are they Wednesday". I plan to to start with doing a feature on people I regularly blog about then maybe take suggestions of other bloggers to feature through a blog hop or something.

We had such a busy weekend there is no way I can get it all in, so here is a picture review in no particular order!

Me Lori and MK at the Tampa Yankees Game.

MK ready to go to Kaz and Austin's party at the Splash Park

MK playing on the talking hopscotch at Al Lopez Park. She had a good time at Kyra's birthday.

MK sliding. It took her a while to warm-up to the slide, but she liked it.

MK and the newest member of our household posing for pictures.

MK really likes Sabre, she even likes her "house"

My favorite picture from Disney on Ice. I love Ian's shadow in the glass.

This was toward the end of the show. It was neat to see the ice on fire.

Saturday while I was cooking pancakes, MK was feeding Madyson. She saw the princess crown and had to wear it. We also found one for Madyson to wear.

sorry for the sideways pictures, I rotated them before I uploaded them, but Imageshack decided to put them back to their original state. This is MK at the Tampa Yankees game. I made her shirt for her. I was trying to get the picture of her shirt. This was the best she gave me.

And last, MK wearing her sunglasses after we got home from the game. She was wound up once she got inside. Luckily so was Sabre, so they played and laughed for about 30 minutes.

I hope to be back tomorrow night, perhaps with some creative theme! Oh it just hit me that Sunday will be "Summary Sundays". I challenge you to do a Summary Sunday post. Leave a comment so I can come check it out!

The Girl Creative

I'm participating in The Girl Creative New Friend Friday blog hop and bonus Give away. They are giving away this super cute Initial bow holder, bow flip flops and matching hair bows. How adorable is it? Oh you want to see the stuff... you should go to Texas Monkey and check it out there. I'm loving the bows. MK needs 2 of all of them!!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have a birthday party tomorrow for Miss Kyra and then a Tampa Yankees baseball game tomorrow night. Sunday we have a combo party for Mr. Austin and Mr. Kaz. I have yet to do any of their gifts yet. Nothing like the last minute!! Hopefully I'll get them all done in the morning.

I almost forgot..... Mk, Ian, Kim and I went to Disney on Icelast night. I still have to upload pictures. I'm off to do that now. I'll post one or two later.

Two in two days. That has got to be a record for me! I had and am still having a lot of fun find new blogs and see lots of creativity. I haven't had time to make anything tonight because we had gymnastics then went to eat with Brother and Natalie.

Tomorrow night we are going with Ian and his Mommy, Kim, to see Disney on Ice. I'm really excited about it and hope the kids really enjoy it. I got the tickets through work for dirty cheap. I love a good deal! I plan on taking lots of pictures.

And just for fun and because I don't like to do a picture less post,

MK playing with her tea set she got for her birthday. I love the outfit she has on. My mom made it for her.

I'm off to blog hop and follow more fun bloggers.

Tuesday Tag-Along

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So I think I'm going to change my blog a bit. I want to try to start blogging more about crafty projects. Maybe even just post links to projects I want to try.

One project that I found today and tried as soon as I got home is a cloth pencil case. The tutorial can be found here When I saw it I knew I had to make one for Hailey. When they were here for MK's birthday she took her pencil case every where with her. I had bought her some mechanical color pencils, so I made it a bit taller to accommodate them.

Here it is with the color pencils in it.

and up close

and rolled up

PonyTails and FishScales

This is a site I will be visiting often! Check it out, then come back and let me know what you think. Will you be making stuff from their site??